I TRIED MICROWAVE MUG RECIPES for pizza , burrito and donut

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RECIPES I tried today :
🍕Pizza – https://bit.ly/321c4rm
🌯Burrito – https://bit.ly/3d1yPl6
🍩Donut – https://bit.ly/3s5gFTI

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52 Comments on “I TRIED MICROWAVE MUG RECIPES for pizza , burrito and donut”

    1. but I have tried that mug pizza it was not raw , it was tasty too. You should have add salt in it, then it will taste very good with oregano seasoning

    2. And will keep on getting raw and raw and raw and raw and raw and rawww and so raw until ur microwave explodes 😦

      It was meant to be a joke don’t take it seriously 😃😃😂

  1. I don’t know if she meant to post this video on her Makeup channel and not her 2nd channel where she does most of her cooking videos HAHAHA

    1. She did mean to post on her makeup channel. From what she said at the end of the video, it sounds like the food experimentation is moving to this channel, and the 2nd channel will have something else. Maybe?

  2. Deni needs a damn podcast or radio show. I started following her makeup videos, but now I just want to listen to her voice. So lovely and happy. Thank you for the smiles! ❤️

  3. You guys are so sweet!!! 🤭 I see some of you are confused and maybe a bit concerned as to why this video is up on my main channel … I purposely posted it on here! 😅 it wasn’t an accident! 😂 Let me guys know if you like this type of content ( not necessarily makeup/beauty related ) I love filming this videos and I’ll be so glad if you’d like to see them coming! ☺️☺️❤️ Lots of love!

    1. So what by mistake mistakes happen by people’s so don’t you all are like it’s saucy not sassy 💁🏻‍♀️ it’s a MISTAKE talk about how cute she is

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