I Tried Following INDIAN BENGALI Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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38 Comments on “I Tried Following INDIAN BENGALI Bridal Makeup Tutorial”

  1. The freaking fact that Bengali’s are having their biggest occasion round the corner and you did their makeup especially…. Omg all the love for you dennyyyyyy

    1. @Jassica Andrés Again dragging religion! How ridiculous narcist hindu are you!
      Originality of Bengalis are Nobovorsho, Nobanno-utshob, Elish mach, panta bhat, lalon song etc. Recognise what is culture and what is religion of a nation. There could be many religions of a nation but only culture is what unites them.

    2. @Barira Binte Sami did you even read the title? This is about INDIAN Bengalis. So i would say stop dragging yourselves into this. Also, Bengali refers to the community, NOT the nationality…so maybe keep your religion out of this

  2. It looks extremely stunning on her. I am an Indian, not a Bengali, BUT SHE SLAYED THAT. She was very respectful too. Deni is too nice. She is like a best friend package. All in one haha

  3. I am a bengali and this was so unexpected …..i am just so impressed by you….most of the other you tubers try indian makeup but none INDIAN BENGALI bridal makeup………😍😍😍😄you are so talented………..and after this i love you more……………😍😍

  4. I love how deni respected the indian culture by not adding the bindi since it is considered scared…..i would love to see deni create more indian wedding looks

  5. I am a bengali but not Indian. I am Bangladeshi. And I very proud of this because my cultural is also same. Thank you so much for doing this. 💜 Love from Bangladesh 💜💜

  6. I’m an bangali and I’m so happy that u recreate our culture makeup 😀💜 a lots of love from INDIA 💜💜
    Can you try out Japanese makeup look please 💜

  7. I love how your doing different cultures outfits / makeup for special occasions . I really love your channel and love your voice!
    Keep going and doing what your doing!<3

  8. i just wanna thank you deni for even considering the request and actually pulling it off, as a bengali from India it really makes me happy to see the beauty of my culture being shown on bigger platforms like yours as it is rare so really really appreciate it thank you! also to all the bengalis reading this happy durga pujo 🤍

  9. This is a Bengali bride look❤️ thanks for creating our tradition look. Love from India nd love from Bengali too❤️ I’m a Bengali girl😊 i know that makeup artist, they’re awesome..

  10. She’s so wonderful at doing makeup❤I’m and Indian and I’m very proud❤The fact that she did this just for us❤She’s amazing and so cute also her parents are super blessed to have her❤🎉😊

  11. Hi Dani! Being a Bengali I couldn’t stop myself from commenting on this video. I’m extremely happy that you tried your hands on Bengali bridal make up and you look super gorgeous! Just loved this video. Loads of love and good wishes ❤️
    I just wish you had done the “chandan design”(face art) also on your forehead as shown in the original video as that’s the main speciality of Bengali bridal make up. Please try it sometime. I’m sure you’ll love it😍

  12. Being a Bengali myself, I would say you look very very pretty. A total justice to the look…it felt like the bindi was the one and only tiny thing missing.. much love to you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  13. Love watching Indian wedding makeup vids! Noticed that all the women have crazy beautiful eyes!! So big and intense~ as someone with small little almond eyes I’m always jealous!!

  14. I could hardly stop laughing at the bye and die 😂
    You are so effortlessly funny and entertaining!
    Anyways the look turned out so beautiful! But again, you can pull off literally just anything!

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