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49 Comments on “I Tested WEIRD CARROT RECIPES 🥕🥕”

  1. “I like girls who eat carrots”louis Tomlinson me being a directioner….
    Waittt the first recipe is sooo famous in india it’s known as “gajar ka halva” n I didn’t realised it until she mentioned “ghee” also yesss it is really common to use ghee in india for cooking

    1. I think it wasn’t halva it was gajar ki barfi maybe
      Cuz halva is made in cooker to make it boil
      In my home I don’t know about others😂😂

    2. @Gourika Madan I asked my mom how do v make it n she said tht first v blend the carrots n add milk an uk mix them in the pan after tht v add sugar n ghee n lastly v can add dry fruits as a toping if v wanna

  2. Basically i love carrot because of gajar ka halwa (carrot pudding) 🤣💜
    Indians are everywhere 🤟💜

    By the way your editing skill is damn deni💜

  3. Congratulations to everyone who came early and found this comment may your parents live long life and stay safe and happy 💕😍

  4. The moment you said ghee is really popular in India, i was like whaaat why am i not aware of it being an indian?! Okay it was “ghee” and you pronounced it as “gee”! That’s pretty cute lol

  5. Are you guys okay in there,it doesn’t look like you are feeling well it looks like you have mixed feeling 😂💖
    I want to put every single word and sentence of denny in a quote 💗

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