I Survived On Protein Shakes For A Week, Here’s What Happened

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Protein shakes for every meal, everyday, for 7 days straight.

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68 Comments on “I Survived On Protein Shakes For A Week, Here’s What Happened”

  1. Another video with a great idea. Can you provide us with more details about your digestion during the challenge and the first day after while eating straight regular normal food?
    I think this will be important information as well!

    Thank you for your time buff bros!

    1. I’ve done it before and digestion after the challenge works just fine. There’s no discomfort or negative blowback from not consuming solid food for a week

    2. @Carved Outta Stone Grateful for the reply, Shawn! I tend to agree that the body can adjust to anything, but this change is sudden, this is why i was wondering! Thank you!

      Would like to hear more and other opinions as well from other people!

      Cheers, brother!

    3. This is just like the Velocity Diet that T nation use to always bring up. I think the original had 6 days of only protein shakes and then on day 7 you got to eat a single real food meal.
      With any high protein diet after week 1 you would have to start taking fibre supplements other wise you will get constipation

  2. Funnily enough I did something similar in my mid 20’s. I ate almost nothing but Met-Rx meal replacement shakes and protein bars for a couple of months. Except for *extreme* constipation I felt fine lol. Let me tell you a vanilla protein shake blended up with a couple of teaspoons of coffee is a great breakfast!

    1. @Wom Bat You assume right. I’d just moved out of my parents house and didn’t know how to cook so I just put up with the same 4 flavours over and over again out of necessity.

    2. You might not like this if you’re a coffee nerd but blending your protein with your morning coffee (and maybe a lil milk/oatmilk whatever) as your liquid is also delicious 🙂

  3. Hey guys, there has been a lot of questions about my digestion and I didn’t quite address it in the vid. Over the week, I honestly didn’t have a lot of issues. I didn’t have excessive gas (probably less in fact), and my shits were surprisingly solid. Altho, I wasn’t as regular as I usually am. I realize some people are more sensitive to protein and milk products, but I seem to be the lucky few that doesn’t have a lot of problems with it. Glad everyone is enjoying the video!

    1. Great video, Would be interesting to see a future video on those so called meal replacement drinks they advertise as well such as Optislim, Basically a protein shake but with all the other stuff(vitamins/minerals) needed, See if they are BS or actually get you through a week or two.
      I have tried them all but it doesn’t feel right, I need some sort of solid food to feel full/complete.

    2. Mark Bells chocolate Steak Shake is next level in terms of nutrition and flavor. No heavy organ taste but you get a lot more nutrition without the gimmick of “BCAAs.” Just solid animal based nutrition.

      I’m also also surprised you didn’t do milk to add in some extra calories. All those shakes with just water?

    3. @Andy protein shakes are protein powder mixed in some sort of liquid. Water isn’t the only liquid one can use to make a protein shake. I almost exclusively use milk in mine, whether it’s no fat or full cream. Milk would have been acceptable.

  4. although I quit liftin’ some years ago I still watch your videos from time to time just to be entertained. You guys have such a positive impact on the fitness world. Keepin’ it real and funny. Thank you.

  5. Absolutely love your content fellas. Pointing out in the BS within the fitness industry, doing the crash diets then showing how fast it can go back to normal. 🙏

    1. Indeed if not worse because your body goes into survival mode and stores fat. Because it thinks you are starving to death. The body is magical. Work hard and no short cuts sadly😊

  6. I must say something I’ve learned recently….if u can’t stomach the taste of protein powder with water, or u don’t like those premade muscle milks, mix the 2 together. I absolutely hated muscle milk. One day I added a scoop of iso pure vanilla protein powder with a bottle of chocolate muscle milk. I shook it up and it tastes so much better. I do this pretty much all the time now. The only pre made protein drinks that taste good to me by themselves are the fairlife brand. They actually taste like milk.

  7. Respect dude. I was forced to do this diet for 6 weeks because of a jaw surgery. I dropped a lot of weight from the caloric deficit but the mental wear down is intense

    1. @Jafman I agree with the caloric deficit and the fact he should have drank more than just protein but I’m saying he would lose weight regardless because of how your body reacts to pre-chewed (blended) food. That’s one of the most common if not the most common side effects of having your jaw wired shut

  8. The misery of a crash diet and the joy of real food again is so hard to explain to those whom have never experienced it. You captured these moments perfectly!

  9. I went for two full weeks on only 1,000 cals of mass gainer protein without any exercise. After the first couple of days, I didn’t miss the food at all. This amounted to almost 100 grams of protein a day. Lost somewhere between 15-20 lbs and haven’t gained any of it back. It actually made my body and gut feel great. Thinking about doing it again for a month at 2,000 calories and 300g of protein while hitting the gym. A doctor told me diets like this are good for giving the intestines a chance to rest.

    1. A good way to give the intestines rest… Yeah right!😂 You sure he’s a doctor?
      Bro if you wanne give rest to your intestines you should not overload them with protein.

    2. I’m a week in and I’ve never felt better and tons of energy my friends think I’m nuts but down 9
      Lbs I’m 6 days I
      Do use electrolytes too

  10. First I wanna say thank you for doing this experiment, second I wanna say wow it’s crazy how nobody in this comment section is talking about how ON POINT and detailed your parody of MTV Cribs was 😂😂 I literally felt like I was watching a real episode, so nostalgic! I love it!! Keep up the great content!!

  11. First of all, this is hilarious. How have I not found you all before? Also, very informative. Patience is soooo hard but worth it. Thank you for suffering for the rest of us.

    1. Yes, how have you not found them before… 😂😂 No judgements here the DUDES are great and all about the community love and laughs. You gotta catch up on the back catalogue it’s great.

  12. I loved off of protein shakes (Isopure Zero Carb Cookies and Cream) for a year in 2016/17 while I was unemployed and living in my car. Was still powerbuilding like I was before I was homeless. It definitely gave insight on my body’s “starvation mode” as I struggled to get below 190lbs, but it also showed me how little I actually needed to function, obviously suboptimally, but still function.

    1. Can you tell a bit more of your experience with this? How old were you? How much protein powder per day? What was the rest of your diet like? You mentioned that you lifted/exercise? We’re you drinking lots of water as well?

    2. @Krystal Klarity I was 23/24. 100g of protein and 2tbsp of peanut butter a day. I was unemployed except for my weekend a month with the national guard so money was extra tight. I quite literally lived off of protein shakes. I was exercising twice a day as I was trying to re-join active duty Army, but with my size and frame, getting under 190 (where the Army wanted me to be) was a struggle.

  13. I broke my jaw 5 weeks into contest prep for bodybuilding. I was determined to still compete so i had to turn every meal in my macros into a shake. I threw salmon, chicken or steak, rice or potato, veggies, with broth and water into a blender. The whey protein shakes were the highlight of my day. Actually managed to place well.

    1. Don’t ever blend a salad and drink it. I did it in college while in a hurry to get to class and it was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. You wouldn’t think so but trust me.

    2. @Earl Okine honestly, continuing with contests prep was to keep my mental health in check. I didn’t just break my jaw, I knocked out teeth too…just from a stupid accident goofing off. Staying focused on competition was what kept me from getting super depressed.

  14. I can’t believe you were committed even while going out and took us with you for that challenge, thank’s a lot for sharing and I hope for your abundance!

  15. This was an eye opener. I always think I’m gonna try this and get into day one and my willpower is crap and I eat. I’m glad you performed this challenge so I could watch and see if it worked. It’s not sustainable & eating food is definitely more fun.

    My favorite part was the face when you saw the eggs and bacon! That part was great 😆😂

  16. I wanted to add a bit of info about Protein powders in general from a Urologist point of view. Many people that get Kidney Stones have had diets in which they consumed protein drinks of various types. Usually admitting they didn’t drink enough water etc and you see the way we are going here. IF you are going to take copious amounts of protein shakes, please drink extra fluids to help flush out your system or you could be at higher risk of calcium stones. That’s what my Urologist tells me anyways. I learned the painful lesson so I’m just passing it along. lol

  17. Thanks for going through this for us. I was literally thinking about doing this recently, so your video was very helpful. I am going to do the same for a week, just to fast track as I really only need to lose 10lbs and do not want to do it over 2 months. Great video production and your sense of humour is on point with Marvel’s Thor. It’s literally like watching Thor in a reality tv fitness series haha! Keep it up man – so entertaining and educational. Definite subscribe just for the entertainment value. Cheers.

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