I ONLY ate raw fruits and vegetables for 90 Days (77+ lbs down) | My Weightloss Journey

I’M BACK !! 😁 I’ve been gone and took some time to focus on me and better myself. This is a new season and chapter of my life and I can’t wait to further share with you all.

Thanks so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video. 🫶🏾


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72 Comments on “I ONLY ate raw fruits and vegetables for 90 Days (77+ lbs down) | My Weightloss Journey”

    1. I love that you shouting him out I found your page a few weeks ago definitely inspiring me to go raw for weight loss and spiritual reasons 💕

    2. Fa sho… I look forward to interviewing him on my podcast. He’s funny. And I would also love to interview you too Gee. I follow you on instagram. I know I don’t have a big high following on IG, but what I do have is a passion for health and spreading the word, and I love interviewing people so that they can share their stories. I think I might have sent you an inbox on IG, and if not I will be soon. It would be it would be an IG live interview and fyi the views for my podcasts are bigger on IG than YouTube. YouTube doesn’t give me love lol.

  1. This is my first video I’ve seen of yours and all I ask is may you please keep posting!!!!??!! You have the personality, drive and motivation to make it farrrr in YouTube. Keep posting hun, even if you just start atleast once a month…

  2. The weightloss is fantastic… but your skin!!! Your skin is radiant and glowing. Congratulations on your success in your journey. Very inspiring.

  3. If you knew how much this is helping me. I’ve lost control of my life disobedience laziness and addiction has crippled my progress since this summer. I needed this. Thank you

  4. I did raw fruits and veggies for 3 days. I lost 10 pounds. I went back to eating the way I was eating before doubled the weight back. Finally I decided to go vegan. My weight has been great ever since. Happy for you doing this for your spirit as well as your physical body!

    1. Congratulations! Well I’m trying Keto out, instead of meat I just eat salmon or shrimp. If I don’t have any success with doing this for a month, than I’m going to try what you did!

  5. Kinda could cry… but… I’m not going to. It was so meant for me to see this video. Experienced a great deal of trauma and loss recently, packed on the pounds and was thinking last night that my life was spiraling. I have gone vegan for about a year, and I have never experienced such natural energy in my life! Anyway…. I’m meant to see this. Thank you 🙏🏽

    1. Through Jesus all is possible. Renew the mind, seek first the kingdom of God and then, all will be added. You can do this and never beat yourself up when u don’t hit a mark, or checkpoint. Just go harder, make small commitments to ur self and then get back up. It will snowball effect into some bigger , God bless you

  6. Thanks for your video. I did a 32 day fruit and veggies fast about 6 or so years ago. I felt good and lost about 60 pounds. My health issues disappeared and now making their way back. I need to do another fast very soon. You’ve inspired me to get started during the holiday season ❤️

    1. @Carson G yes. I also made smoothies from the frozen fruit. This was about 6 years ago. I’ve slacked off and results are not what they were. Just started my fast again today.

    2. @Brian TBMOTH yes, but my weight loss was not what I was going for. My health and illnesses is what I wanted cures. Got that years back and fell off. Just started again this morning.

    3. I would like to start a raw journey would you mind sharing some information via IG u can DM to this name. I’m inspired by this guy and would love a female point of view thx

  7. Just wanted to let you know how inspirational your story is. Being from a Jamaican family myself I understand how hard it is to not eat meat. Oxtail is my weakness Lol. But I have gotten the highest weight I’ve ever been and it’s time to get this under control. Thank you so much for sharing your experience 💜

  8. “I was this big and you all didn’t tell me?!” That part…you don’t even know it until you lose it! Congrats on your progress! Cheers to good health bc no food tastes as good as being healthy feels! ❤️

    1. I never realized how big I had gotten and how much I let grief control me til I saw videos and pictures of myself and now I’m on a weight loss journey 💜

  9. Khamar, I am currently 290 lbs. and 5′ 8″. I am crying as I’m watching your video. This is such an inspiration to me. I cannot begin to tell you how I’m feeling right now. I am committing myself to losing weight because of this video. I hope to let you know how my journey goes. Thank you very much!

  10. I just really have to thank you!! I am 38 days raw fruits and veggies and I must say everything you have said has been so true. I thank you so much!!!!!! I’m so excited to see what 90 days will look like! I’m 30 pounds down so far and my healing is so amazing right now

    1. @fit mom Journey you can go to my YouTube I made a video about my journey so far.. I didn’t work out, loose skin no I’m now working out since the cleanse.

  11. Ladies & gents we can do it together 🎉 I been intermittent fasting for 3 weeks eating one meal a day. Went from 300 to 270. Now today I started my juicing fast for 100days. 10 of those days will be water fast. I believe we all can do it just make sure u have goals why. Maybe u have health problems, or want a beach body for summer, maybe ur significant other left, or maybe All the above.😅 whatever it is u can do it. Remember u rather spend money on veggies & fruits than spending thousands of money in the hospital. Don’t be like me ppl I rack up 14k bucks just for two small visits to the ER. Not worth it. I learn my lesson so everyone else learn from my lesson. Don’t be that guy or girl 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  12. Your weight loss journey made some drastic changes on you 💓. also your discipline was just outrageously good. I’m glad you stuck through it. Hopefully one day I’m able to obtain a strict diet that you went on. This video has fueled my motivation .

  13. It’s the fact that you were much bigger than what you are now, and didnt work out that makes me feel like I can do this too. I’m the biggest I ever been!! I’m ready to lose this weight & feel my best again. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  14. I did this for 7 months and boy it was an amazing journey! I decreased my flesh and increased my spirit I felt better than EVER! I felt Gods joy honestly I miss it so I plan on transitioning back and sticking with it. And praying for better health 🙏🏽

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