I FOUND SOMETHING 😨 ….This is how my makeup looks under a microscope

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Today we will be checking how my makeup products look under a microscope.

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22 Comments on “I FOUND SOMETHING 😨 ….This is how my makeup looks under a microscope”

  1. Denyy you are just amazing , you are fav and your editing skill is like a kiss of chef🤌✨ your videos make my day all the time 🌝☺️ …lots of love from India … ✨❤️

  2. I missed seeing her videos,her cute smile,her good vibe,and that one part well not that one part but all the parts that make my day and make me smile💙,also before my Aunt that did make up died she use to see Deni’s videos for inspiration so Deni if you see this comment thank you for making my Aunt’s day before she died🙏🥲

  3. 1. Eyeshadow
    2. Highlight
    3.liquid eyeliner
    4. Powder?
    5. Lipgloss brush
    6.eye brow gel
    7. Mascara
    8. A beauty sponge?
    9. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    10. Serum

  4. I missed seeing her videos, her cute smile, her good vibe, and that one part, well not that one part but all of the parts that make my day and make me smile; also, before my Aunt who did make up died, she used to watch Deni’s videos for inspiration, so Deni, if you read this, thank you for making my Aunt’s day before she died.

  5. 1:Glitter(glitter)✨
    4:contour (contour)🟫
    6: mascara (browgell)✏️
    8:wth is that(white pencil)🗡️
    11:blush/eye shadow(lipstick)💄
    12:foundation (foundation)✨
    I got 7/12 and deni u skipped 9 in the MOMENT OF TRUTH I watched video so many time to discover this…😑


  6. Is it only me who missed her complete intro? 🙃
    I love her editing skills btw… They are chef’s kiss n her voice is just a huge cherry on top😊😊

  7. 1.Glitter eyeshadow
    2.Glitter gel
    3. Eye liner
    4. Highlighter
    5. Lip gloss applicator
    6. Brow gel
    7. Mascara wand
    8. Beauty blender
    9. 🤷‍♀️
    10. Serum
    11. Fake eye lashes
    12. Lipstick
    13. 🤷‍♀️

  8. I think I had 7-8 correct answers! This was hard! For the second one I guessed a cream eyeshadow, I know it’s not fully correct but I still count it as correct! Love you Deni!

  9. I got 6 right! I am actually impressed; because I don’t know alot of stuff about makeup and I used to be not interested in them, but after I knew you, you changed everything ( too better for sure ) thank you for all the hard work, you make all of us day’s better 💖
    Love u, keep up the good work, we will always be there for you ❤😊

  10. These were my guesses:

    1- Highlighter (that wasn’t that off..?)
    2- Cream eyeliner? Or crème eyeshadow? (Oh wow..wasn’t expecting that!!
    3- Eyeliner (yaaas)
    4- Another highlight? (Wasn’t expecting that)
    5- Clear lipgloss (second one correct)
    6- Brow gel (I didn’t think I would get that one right)
    7- Mascarra (this one rlly scared me under the microscope 😂)
    8- Lipstick? (Wow that was embarrassing 😳😂)
    9- No clue 💩 (omg)
    10- Sparkly oil 😂😅(ooh yay)
    11- Falsiess (another one correct!!)
    12- Lipstick ( I rlly didn’t think I would get this one)
    13- umm holey concealer of a kind.. (omg)

    That was actually rlly funnnnn! Love u Denii !!!

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