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Today I'm following a viral and trending painting video by the channel Jay Lee Painting. I am a complete beginner in art and this is my first time drawing with acrylic paint on a canvas. It was challenging, exciting, and funny! I enjoy filming makeup ( beauty ) and cooking videos but should I experiment with art more?

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32 Comments on “I followed 150 MILLION views DRAWING TUTORIAL”

  1. Deni should post some game play videos…i just love her💜⛓her voice is soo soo awesome she brings smile in everyones face ♥️♥️♥️love from India 💜💜💜

  2. I do art and stuff and whenever she does something that can go to the path of ✨Disaster✨ my heartbeat accelerates and I start to subconsciously pray. I love her though

  3. 0:10…the set up for today is super colourful…also, your editing skills are of another level…may you get more and more subscribers!!!😍💙💜💛

  4. Deni would be so happy that she done something without any disaster 🤣,don’t take me seriously I am just joking deni always do everything perfectly ☺️

  5. Being an artist it’s allllllll the relatable situations which u face when u first time make a painting. At the end when she revealed the drawing I was sooo proud of her! That painting was really amazing for u first time painting!!! I love it ❤️❤️

  6. she really is my comfort person ♥ when i have a bad day, her videos bring me back to life hahha
    p.s. i will never shut up about your editing skills Deni wow!!!!!

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