I dyed my hair …

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37 Comments on “I dyed my hair …”

    1. @Acorn And @Wariza Rahmani her name is Denitslava but we call her Den or Denny and yes that’s true in her Different language makeup video she said her name is Denny….

  1. Denny why cant u make a video like you are seeing and explaining ur feeling of makeup up items spoilers videos cracking or destroying makeup items

    1. Meeeee lol I came across Denny lil cute self by accident a few years ago n completely fell in love with her personality! N now I’m a huge fan 🥰🥰🥰

    2. That is me!!! I found her when searching eyeliner and cut crease tutorials. Haven’t stopped watching her since. I just Love her personality, her voice, her content. I love everything about her🖤

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