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33 Comments on “I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS 😨”

  1. Try the “Spascriptions Bedazzled Glitter peel off mask”, I know Walmart sells it but I’m not sure who else. Isn’t a great mask set for skin benefits but it definitely sparkles!

    1. The package comes with 3. Two are metallic colors and the third is clear with lots of sparky glitter.
      The brand TZone makes a few diff colors of sparking individual peel off mask packages and has eco glitter in them!
      Revuele has tubes of a few diff colors of sparking peel off masks.
      I’d choose one from TZone. They looked the sparkliest and eco glitter is so import to use for cosmetics with glitter!

  2. You should try the ” Beautifying pell of metalic mask” from Dermacol Prague. It’s really shiny and sparkling and it isn’t expensive. 😉❤️
    Btw: they have 2 colors pink and the weird green (pink is better).

  3. In Germany, we do have Peel-off masks from a company called “Selfie Project” and while they don’t look like the packaging of your mask, they actually contain glitter particles. So it is not glitter all over but you do get some (e.g. little stars) on your face 🙂

  4. Sparkly face masks that I’ve used that actually sparkle:

    Que Bella Professional Rose Quartz Glitter Peel Off Mask

    Que Bella Professional Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask

  5. I totally see the future. Dani gets an email one night from some big names CEO. Now she’s making her own line of face care with all the “sparkles” her little heart could desire. “Oh what a sparkle day that would be!” (Lol I’m funny sometimes)

  6. Hey Deni! I found a peel off face mask that is SO SPARKLY and I thought you would like it so here is the name: Wander Beauty Lift Off (and its ✨PINK✨)

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