I did my makeup with my EYES CLOSED

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Products Used :

– OFRA Island Time blush palette
– OFRA All Glowed Up palette
– Benefit Porefessional setting spray – https://bit.ly/3jjUPt0

– URBAN DECAY Inked Brow in Neutral Nana – https://bit.ly/2SyN4WV

– COLOURPOP She's A Rainbow palette
– TheBalm Schwing liquid eyeliner – https://bit.ly/3f4O24P
– HONEST Beauty mascara – https://bit.ly/3vLXh0o

– NATASHA DENONA liquid lipstick in 26 Ion – https://bit.ly/2R4kLiH

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FALSE LASHES Tutorial : https://goo.gl/N8AsdO
EYEBROW Tutorial : https://youtu.be/Wj3p0bo_2w0
EYELINER Tutorial: https://goo.gl/ffuQXl

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41 Comments on “I did my makeup with my EYES CLOSED”

  1. Denny:doing eyes closed makeup challenge
    Le me:doing my makeup with my eyes open literally getting mad is tat makeup. 😂😂

  2. Woahhhhh applying setting spray with eyes closed was a real challenge!! Deni you’re just! Like how you do it!😂😂
    I’m sorry drama meter is again going high😂
    and also don’t feel betrayed we blinked 10000 times per second to warn you that IT’S GREEN!👀

  3. It’s a cliché, but her makeup still looks better when she can’t see what she’s doing than mine when I can see what I’m doing.

  4. The fact that she can put on eyeliner with her eyes clothes way better than me with my eyes open, is just ridiculous 😂😂😂💖

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