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40 Comments on “I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS 😳”

  1. She looks so good in green, I know she doesn’t like it… but it suites her! Her voice is like THE CUTESTTT! And her personality had me coming back for more!!! Love you Deni

    Edit: ohmygoshh!! Tysm for all the likes, if only I had this many subscribers😔

  2. I’ve always thought blues (in the right shades) looked pretty on brown eyes. the contrast just works so long as the tones are either both cool or both warm. either way, any color is better than green for me too, girl!

  3. Purple! I was told by multiple makeup artists throughout my life that purple is VERY flattering for ppl with brown eyes. And from ten ish years experience using purple (in various shades) has always been the most flattering colour. Ive never heard of green for brown eyes. Never tried it. I will just so i can a fully informed opinion but I really dont feel that green would b a ‘go to’ for me. But you can pull off so many different shades and colours, havent finished the vid yet but im sure it looks great on you! 💙

  4. Yes green looks gorgeous on you! I happened to start loving the colour after years of not liking it at all. Green is life. Plants,flowers, exotic sea shells,it’s a colour in the Peacock feathers. It’s sometimes a colour of water, jewels, and pretty stones. Fresh veggies! A favorite hockey teams jersey has green, the stem of a rose!The world has some pretty shades of green. My favorite colours happens to be pink and purple, go figure.

  5. I love her sarcasm! Would be such an awesome friend to have. Can’t hang out with anyone that doesn’t have a great sense of humor. So original girl! Keep it up💚

  6. I love green eyeshadow. I think it looks so good with my eyes because I have the tiniest bit of green in them and it really makes it stick out when I do green eyeshadow. On the other hand there is only one green eyeliner that I like and it’s the Physicians Formula green eyeliner in the trio pack for green eyes and it’s so expensive and impossible to fucking find!

  7. A very dark green eyeliner could be used sometimes for a super subtle change up, but your eyes are so dark brown that they don’t need enhancement. They’re naturally enhanced, which frees you up to wear any eyeshadow shade you choose

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