I Can’t Believe I Actually Did This

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46 Comments on “I Can’t Believe I Actually Did This”

  1. You did a great job! The back is only important if you’re wearing the look somewhere. I do have a couple tips for removing spirit gum, though. My best advice is to use a thin, synthetic brush (this will ruin it; so don’t use one you like or that is expensive) and work around underneath. This will keep it from pulling too much as you’re removing the object that’s stuck on you. If you have placed the object in a spot with movement, make funny faces or move your head around. This could loosen up at least one point for you to start working in the remover. If nothing loosens up, using a thin brush can help. Just go along a tiny spot until you feel the brush going underneath the object. Also, if you don’t need strong adhesion, use pros aide instead. It’s water-based and easier to remove. For thin layers or for pros aide in your hair, use warm water. For thicker layers, use isopropyl myristate. Oh, and for applying bald caps, avoid using hair ties or chunky accessories as this creates an unnecessary bump. Braids can help sell that bald look, but you can also just tuck your hair in there after you’ve slicked it back. Then, you would just move it around to flatten it before gluing it down. Sorry. This got out of hand. I’m gonna stop now. Much love! 🫰🫶

  2. Deni, you’re amazing! 😂
    For real though, everyone should experience the feeling of a freshly shaved head at least once in their lifetime. It’s so fun and fuzzy and super practical. If you’re really worried you might hate it, do it just as winter begins so you can wear a hat everyday. Or, you can always invest in good wigs 🤷‍♀️

  3. Heyy Deni, im a teenager who has her fair shares of ups and downs and you’re literally my comfort person and CRAZY talented. I watch each of your videos like 15 times in a week. Ilysm and I wish i could have a friend like you <3 Also you're sooo pretty

  4. Can we all also agree that Deni is gorgeous! Who else could pull off that look and be total fire 🔥 She’s stunning! Can we all just agree to agree that she slays everything?! Lol

  5. OMG DANI! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I NEEDED THIS. U brighten my day. Yes I am a 38 YO woman, and I about cried when I seen you uploaded bcuz you make everything feel so much better just with your positive energy, and hilarious sense of humor. Thank you! EDIT: The ending! Had me holding my breath as u tried to get that unstuck. I know what that feels like, and you had that all around your hairline….ouchie…That’s okay, i needed to get back to where I was before the video. Riddled with anxiety 😂😂

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