HUGE TARGET HAUL!! *clothing, home decor, etc*

HUGE TARGET HAUL!! clothing, home decor, etc. Everything in this video is linked below!!

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Cuff Bracelets (magnetic):
Mini Cuffs:
Wrap Bracelets:
Smart Watch Straps:
Stacking Bracelets (stretchy):
Gold Bracelets:
Gold Necklaces:

1. Wooden Table Stand:

2. Basic Tees (only $5): OR

3. Pillows:

4. Framed Wall Art:

5. Faux Plants:
Shop the Collection:

6. Fall Wreath:

7. Small Basket:

8. Mug:

9. Scotch Tape:
Shipping Tape:

10. House Slippers:

11. Wooden Shoes:

12. Sweater:

13. Glass Storage Container:

14. Thank You Cards:

15. White-Out:



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23 Comments on “HUGE TARGET HAUL!! *clothing, home decor, etc*”

  1. The basic t-shirts and tank tops from A New Day there at Target have to be some of my favorites ever. They really are so good. Also I’m here for the disposable forks when needed. I’m not about doing those dishes.

  2. Your videos are always so great. I watched your last one. You could not have done a better job telling your audiance how you felt. Thank you for being as honest with us as possible. I think you are so good at what you do. finding something that works for you and your life style is a wonderful thing. And buy the way I have followed you for some time now and love your videos about handbags. I think its a great investment. If you can afford. I usually go thrifting and find some dupes and that cost little to nothing and make me really happy. Keep up the good work.😊

  3. 2 days ago you posted a video where you seemed really sad or apologic for shopping and talking about the nice things you have. That is the main reason so many of us watch you. I’ve felt for a long time that you & your husband want you to reach at least 2M subscribers (& who wouldn’t?). Just say so and don’t apologize anymore for working the job you’ve chosen for yourself. People who criticize you don’t have to watch….Best wishes….

  4. Girl, I know the struggle. I need to drop something off at UPS and I’m totally dragging my feet cause there’s a target on the way home and I know I’ll go in and buy things I totally don’t need.

  5. Love love love!! How you added just random stuff that anybody could use or may need on a day to day basis! Packing tape amd thank you cards, who knew!😁❤️

    P.s. Kiva Brent did a Target’ haul and it’s so nice to see the selection of items that both of you chose and still did not get any of the same thing! Awesome sauce!!😁

  6. Fun Target haul! 😊💞
    I have and love the picture trio you showed! I also liked the glass bowl for storage and the Hearth and Hand table! Very nice 🙂
    Also, I just have to say that your hair is so pretty! 😍
    Happy Fall Shea and everyone reading this 🍃🌾🌻🍂🐿🍁🦊

  7. That looks like my kind of haul! LOL – some things so random (tape) and some things purposeful (that table). I love Target Tshirts as just a basic staple in my wardrobe – especially for winter as a base layer. And I’m so checking out those slippers!!!

  8. I’m sitting here watching your video wearing my $5 Target shirt. They are so great for bumming around the house. And they wash so well. I love the New Day brand better than the Universal Thread ones.

  9. Got a good chuckle from your video. It’s so me going to Target. Love the haul. Going to have to check out the trio pictures, and the fuzzy slides slippers. Love Ya! 💖

  10. Love your videos have been following since a long time ago because I loved the ideas you would give for outfits and must haves and and so many more! Don’t ever change, you and your husband are a humble, beautiful couple who work for what you love and who have a beautiful family and deserve the best of the best! Best wishes and keep vibes high!

  11. This is the video I want to watch and the reason I subscribe your channel. Do your thing and stop apologizing. All those negative people can unsubscribe if they don’t like your content. You go Shea!! 💪 🙌

  12. I just bought those slippers yesterday in ivory! Love them! For reference, I picked up a size 8 and I am usually a 9 / 9.5 in regular shoes. The Peds no-show shoe liners you shared some time ago are winners for me. Thanks for that Shea! They must be the special version as you point out as well. They are always sold out at my local Targets.

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