HOW TO STYLE Spring & Vacation Outfits! *try-on haul*

HOW TO STYLE Spring & Vacation Outfits 2022! *try-on haul* Shop through any of the links below to get 20% off SITE-WIDE! Discount will automatically be applied at checkout, as long as you shop through these links (discount valid until 3/3/3022 at midnight EST)

Cozy Hacci Jumpsuit (XS):
Cozy Hacci Duster (XS):

Mesh and Lace Kimono (XS):
Natural Knockout Top (36A):
Scoop Front Bikini Bottoms (2):
Rhinestone Thong Sandals (true to size):
Tassel Detail Hoop Earrings:

Embellished Floral And Paisley Print Maxi Top (XS):
Natural Knockout Top (36A):
Scoop Front Bikini Bottoms (2):
Rhinestone Thong Sandals (true to size):

Strappy Back Dress (XS):
Etched Metal Upper Arm Band:
Layered Long Necklace:
Striped Straw Tote:
Rhinestone Thong Sandals (true to size):

Belted Suiting Set (2):


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*FTC Disclaimer: This video is in collaboration with VENUS, but all opinions are my own! 🙂

27 Comments on “HOW TO STYLE Spring & Vacation Outfits! *try-on haul*”

  1. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever watched a Try-on video before where I liked everything! Not all of it would suit my body type but I just loved all of the pieces. Thank you!

    1. @Shea Whitney I am old enough to be your Grandmother so please don’t take this as creepy LOL, but I think just about anything would look good on you! BTW I sent you an email to your Gmail account to let you know that the scammers are back at work. I got one of those replies where they try to make it look like it’s from you telling me to go and send them a text message. It was on your last video not this one.

  2. I love everything you were wearing. And makes me want to revamp my closet and change a few pieces I have! You are very inspiring Shea! Keep doing what your doing! 💕💕✨✨

  3. Oh Shea! Love this Spring video, I love the black dress on you so pretty! I have never shopped at Venus, excited to try. 😍 I love the sandals, cover up, dress, omg the arm cuff so pretty! Ah, so many I like, I always love your style! 💕💕 Have an amazing weekend beautiful Shea!! 😍

  4. Venus has been around for awhile. 20 years ago I was buying my sexy clubbing outfits from them. Looks like I am a returning customer because I just ordered my personal limit of 3 items which took me less than 10 minutes to pick out. This is horrible and it is Shea’s fault! 🤣

    1. That dress is amazing on her!! If I were her, I’d buy two and have one cut short for just running around in on its own or with a cardigan or jacket for when the maxi length just isn’t the right vibe.

  5. Beautiful items! The coral lace komono reminds me a peignoir my Mom had when I was a kid that went with a matching negligee. Very similar color. It was a gorgeous set.

  6. I seriously Love your style Shea, everything looked fabulous on you, I need to go back and watch some of your winter outfit idea videos as I’m coming into the cooler months here in Australia 🇦🇺 and looking to revamp my wardrobe this season. That black dress was made for your body shape 🔥🔥🔥. 😍😍❤️❤️

  7. Shea, you look amazing in all the outfits!! Thank you for sharing these with us, and especially taking the time to do this video and not being shy on your beautiful look.

  8. Venus is known for their swimwear. When I first started shopping with them, their entire catalog was swimwear but they have really expanded over the years.

  9. I love Venus! I just got their catalogue delivered early last week! Shea, that black gown looks stunning on you! I don’t agree that it should be dressed down! Love all of the styles you picked out!

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