How To Save Your Marriage! Mufti Menk

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In this Jummah (Friday’s sermon) lecture #MuftiMenk points out some crucial matters why #Marriage #breaks and he gives some practical tips to save marriage as remedies for uprooting the problems in marriages.
"Number one: When You'Re Not Prepared To Sacrifice For Your Spouse. Number One: When You'Re Not Prepared To Stand Up For Your Spouse: Number One When You Do Not Protect Your Spouse, Notice I Said Three Things; All Of Them Are Number One. You Notice "? @muftimenkofficial

Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a student of knowledge trying to disseminate the Deen in the current age.

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47 Comments on “How To Save Your Marriage! Mufti Menk”

  1. May-Allah bless u Mufti Menk and grant u jannah , u r doing such a wonderful job , may-Allah reward u Ameen, i love u for the sake of Allah

  2. May god bless you . I love to hear your preach you are so blessed by god chosen one from last two days I hear your Gods speech I sleep so late at night till 2:30 am. Thank you so much for making us understanding what we all have to do in our daily life . Amen

  3. Subhan Allah
    mufti menk always surprise me by saying things dats very true about real life. even I hv gone through all such circumstances .Alhamdulillah my husband s very understanding so I am out of it n now Masha Allah Vry happy

  4. Subhanallah my husband was a good man and he always guide me for everything and help me to change more and praise to allah 💑 jazzakallahu khair mufti menk 😭

  5. My God I am so happy there is someone to talk about the subject about the rights of women
    I have had lots of issues
    I have daughters I I really fear for them
    I pray they have a good life

    1. I agree. I have sacrificed a lot to accommodate my husbands wants and dreams and he has achieved. Now I pray he reciprocates by maybe not sacrificing but paying forward his gratitude and compromising as well as contributing back to that which I want for our lives to be better. I pray for our hearts to become one again

  6. Salam Alaykum Brothers & Sister. I am going through such a test that some days I feel like I can’t take it anymore. Please make dua for me and my family. I love my wife and children don’t want to lose them. The Shaytan is trying to break my life. If you reading this please make due for me & my family.

  7. I really needed this right now. You would think during Ramadan people would walk the straight path with precision….I am a mother that suffers greatly simply because I am American revert for over 20 years! I never make my children choice between me or their spouses, me or their father, me or their inlaws..When Mufti mentioned holidays, I started crying, I spend my alone as they celebrate together and it hurts…..I give it to Allah every prayers …my prayer rug is wet with tears. But I trust Allah plans. Sometimes Allah takes toxic people from your life when you cant do it ourselves. Forgive me if I said something wrong but this hit me very hard! JazakAllahKheir

  8. Please make dua for my estranged wife. I pray that she sees clearly how we both let the Devil in our ears. I’m now realizing and doing the hard work to get my marriage (that I destroyed) back into the grace of Allah. I pray for the day she also breaks from the whispers of Shaytan. Everything on Allah’s time.

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