How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Realizing the average wedding costs $27,000, Susan Anderson and Doug McCoy knew they wanted a lavish wedding without breaking the bank. Now the couple is revealing how they were able to cut costs without skimping on the style. Arriving to the venue, Anderson and McCoy skipped spending hundreds on a limousine, and instead called an Uber with the touch of their smartphones. While some prefer the cordiality of a pastor, that can cost around $300. #InsideEdition

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  1. its not about how expensive the ceremony is its about how much they love each other. Good for them it just proves you don’t need to spend thousands to be happy 🙂

  2. That cake thing is genius, but for my dress I’ll probably just buy my own because one of the most precious traditions in my family is passing down the wedding dress. You don’t wear the whole dress, but you can take your favorite parts off your mom’s dress, such as trimming, and put it on your own, then pass that down to your kids and they do the same, repeat. (does that make sense)

  3. To this day, the most Beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended cost the bride and groom $1500 total. Had about 75 guests. Got married in their regular church, had the reception in the dining hall downstairs in the church
    They did the sheet cake thing, asked several relatives to cook food in lieu of wedding gifts (food was delicious). Silk flowers, dresses were all very practical. Photographer was a family friend (pics were beautiful). Centerpieces and decorations were all done by the bride and a few of her friends. Her relative sang, dj was good and the pastor of the church married them. It can be done if you think a little out of the box and want to have a nice event/celebration without breaking the bank.

  4. I don’t get all the hate for this low budget wedding. I really don’t think the cost of the wedding really matter, but wether you genuinely love who you marry.

  5. Good for them! We had a free cake (my aunt bakes them out of her house), free dress (same aunt had a dress that was going to be a display when she was planning on opening a wedding cake store), free wedding venue (local park where I grew up), most of the decorations were free (leftovers from a cousins previous wedding). It can be done. Me and my husband spend about $2,500 and we will celebrate 13 years next may!

  6. Making your wedding affordable is a great idea. It’s all a matter of what is most important to you where you want to invest more of your money. I know that for me, if I got married, good videos and good pictures absolutely must be done by a professional who knows how to capture moments, knows how to pose people for the pictures and knows the best angles to shoot footage. The wedding dress that I choose has to matter without being outrageously expensive. The venue has to be decent. The food has to be good. What matters is having a wonderful celebration of this special occasion with family and friends.

  7. The dress is the only thing I had a problem with. A woman should have her own dress. I only pd $200 for my dress at David’s Bridal. It was a sample that people tried on, it was a bargain and I loved it. Every woman should have her own dress on her wedding day.

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