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A step by step guide of how I sell my used clothing online on my Squarespace store (but these tips also apply to Depop, Poshmark, Etsy, and other reselling apps!). I cover everything from taking photos on self timer, creating a listing, writing a description, creating shipping labels online, to delivering your orders.

white blouse: verge girl (similarish:
jeans: afends shelby jeans (
necklace: mejuri (
safety pin earrings: i designed them! (
pearl barrettes: i designed them! (

gray cardigan: urban outfitters (
leggings: aerie (
tshirt dress: urban outfitters (
necklace: mejuri (
safety pin earrings: i designed them! (

denim jumpsuit: madewell (
necklace: mejuri (
safety pin earrings: i designed them! (

scale that i use for weighing packages:
plastic mailers:

PayPal discounted online shipping labels:

i get most of my music from epidemic sound! ➭

what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 21 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
➭ 12-35mm lens (
➭ mic: rode videomic pro+ (
➭ vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii (
➭ canon m50 (
➭ editing: final cut pro

55 Comments on “how i sell clothes online 💸 photos, listings, shipping + more”

    1. tagsradchannel lol really? I mean it’s a nice dress but considering it was thrifted it could not have cost more than about 100$ right? I know a lot of people do this but it’s such an insane cap

  1. I literally have no intentions of selling the clothes I own but I found it fascinating when u talked about shipping labels and the diff ways to save money on them. I think your excitement for talking about it made me excited lmao and that’s how u know it’s good content 🙂

    1. it was so weird and interesting to me, because in my country you just take the package to the post office and they do all the work for you and for free. you can only choose who is paying the shipping fee – you or the recipient

    2. I scam USPS when I ship 🙈I always create the cheapest label and place it on the box/package. It only works if my mailman takes it from my home and leaves it at the delivery address regardless if the person is home or not

    3. Mi Pa I think generally you can do that in a lot of places like in the UK (where I live). It’s just making the label yourself is much quicker as you can go to the post office and drop it pretty much straight off. When you have the people do it for you it creates a line and causing other people and yourself to wait.

  2. She is so informative sometimes, i just love how much effort she takes in learning all this coz of her love for the job. A total nerd, and a hard working person you are.

    1. Ryan Bandler same but YouTube is notorious for having a bad reporting system and not deleting comments that clearly don’t abide with their rules, unfortunately.

  3. ashley is such a good influence like
    she doesn’t just teach ye how to style but also teach u the logistics behind everything. it’s like she doesn’t keep to herself any quality skills that she thinks will profit others

    ✨you go queen✨

  4. no one works harder than you holy moly not just all of the shipping work but your editing and filming AND the organization and detail of your descriptions literally almost moves me to tears every time you go girl

    1. Vintage Gopherwood Designs use depop or posh mark! i use depop & i just update my listings daily so they’re on top of people’s search results! you can pick if you want to pay for shipping or if the customer does! i would totally recommend if a website isn’t getting the recognition you want(:

    2. Vintage Gopherwood Designs try depop! It is very fun and a lot easier to communicate with people and shipping is only usually like 4-5 bucks!!😘

    3. @Vintage Gopherwood Designs Mercari also isn’t a bad place to sell clothes either! I actually really enjoy how the app is laid out and it’s really easy to use in terms of buying and selling 🙂

  5. Honestly ash pls do more of these like how-to/behind-the-scenes of running a business obvs keep up the fashionista fire but you’re legit my personal girl boss lmao i need the tips.

  6. Ashley has gotta be the only Youtuber who would reveal her own secrets for her fans to become successful as well. That tells you so much about her character!!

  7. It feels so good to go through your closet and clear things out. After I saw your video of going through your clothes, I went through mine. And then my whole house haha. It was great. Honestly I’m too lazy to sell my clothes on a poshmark type site. I already have an account, just lazy!

    1. Just Me Ope!✨ Absolutely agreed!!! Positive “Influencer”. One of a kind. Thank you Ash for the inspiration and thank “You” for pointing this out 🤙😃 #WheelTok

  8. I love how Ashley takes the time to type out and give us links to the clothing she wears in her videos. Even with her second channel she puts in so much effort. And I appreciate

  9. Part 3 (shipping) was huuuuge for me!!…
    I learned more from you within 10 min, than I have from other videos in ten MONTHS!!! Thank you sooooo much!!…
    You are absolutely adorable!

  10. While I do have a shipping strategy down for my sewing business, I want to do this for my personal items. I often gather those items and take them to a local thrift shop but you give me hope to empty out my closets because they contain gently used items that I no longer use! Being a one person shop is hard but you are rocking it!

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