Hey dolls! Today's new video is all about how I lost a total of eight pounds in one week…and kept the weight off! This diet is called the smoothie diet or the juice diet. I hope you all like this video, let me know in the comments below if you enjoy more chatty types of videos or if you'd prefer more makeup and hair videos. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, like, comment, and SHARE!

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    1. Olivia James i went from 175lbs to 160lbs in a week with no snacks just a falling of water a day and the 3 6oz smoothies , and im doing another week hopefully I reach 147lbs that’s my goal, but keep being busy and distract urself so u won’t think about food

    2. A Steve same but depends on u just do what flavors u like and u won’t get tired of it, and drink green tea like a lot cause let me tell u it really helps !

  1. Girl! Lost almost 7 pounds in 5 days and
    I cheated twice🤫
    I’m loving it😍
    First 3 days where horrible but now i don’t feel the cravings of junk food anymore😳

    1. pumpkinmakesmelaugh alot I did but I have anxiety problems that made me eat junk food as soon as I finished. The thing is that when you finish de week of smoothies you have to continue with a good balanced diet with a whole bunch of vegetables and some sort of protein of your choice, whether is animal or plant based source, and that’s how you keep it☺️ but I didn’t 🥺
      I’m whiling to do it again but now in the right way ☺️

  2. Girl I’ve been plateaued at the same weight for about 4 months 😢 I hope this kicks my metabolism or something. I don’t think I’ll do the whole 7-10 days though. 3 at most

  3. I agree we make weight lost soooo complicated. Fitness influencers make us seem like we need to try like some crazy keto cycling type diet. You can go online and type in your height/weight and there are calculators that give you a fair estimate of the amount of calories to eat each day to maintain or lose weight. I do like doing juice cleanses to jump start weight loss. Thanks for upload!

  4. When she said “it’s not that important to loose weight if you are sacrificing your life just to loose a few pounds, it’s absolutely not worth it.”

    That hit me on a huge level. So many times in my life I would do extreme work outs late at night to get to have that perfect toned stomach, I would loose hours of sleep and missed so many opportunities to be with my family. Later in life I was starving myself to a point I would be so sick I would pass out. So so not worth any of that.

  5. I always get these crazy come ups at sprouts where they’ll have cartons of blueberries raspberries and blackberries for $.99 each. Every time I catch the sale I buy a case and freeze them. I have enough fruit for a the next 6 months! I love smoothies. This video was great. Thank you for posting. Stay motivated!

  6. Have you ever heard of doing the three Ss? Smoothie, salad, and soup. So you do a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch(with a protein like grilled chicken), and a soup for dinner. I’m thinking about trying that. It seems easy and would also keep it interesting because you can change it up and have some variety.

    1. Laughter In The Trenches this is a really good idea! i’ll possibly try it in a few months, i’m enjoying too much wine and bread right now lol!!

    2. That’s what I’m going to do. Smoothie in the morning and maybe another smoothie for lunch and soups in the evening and lots of water. Then see what happens.

  7. I’ve lost 11+ pounds in 5 days! Make sure u take vitamins (daily vitamin pill, b12, D3,Iron,etc) as well as 0 cal electrolyte powder If you’re fasting with it like me & also if ur gonna workout 🏋🏾‍♀️

  8. On day 5 of only blended smoothies. About 3 cups a day, lots of water. 6 pounds down.
    I plan on going for 20 days, with two solid meals on the weekend. I’ve done it before and its worked.
    Instead of smoothies you can have soups too, anything as long as its blended.
    If you make it past day 2, its very easy, you simply don’t think of eating anymore. By day 5, you’re not even tempted.
    Good luck everyone.
    Try it, do what you need to do to feel good about yourself.

  9. I did a two day juice fast and one day off to eat what I want! I 15 pounds in 2 and a half weeks and it didn’t come back! I’m going to do this with smoothies now for 3 weeks before I go to Miami! It should work the same!

  10. On day 5 of 2 smoothies + 1 meal (under 500 cal.) per day and down 9 lbs. Looking forward to straight smoothies next week then back to 2 smoothies and 1 meal for best results👍

  11. Thank you for this video! I recently found out that I might be gluten intolerant and I also have GERD so i have decided to change my diet to better my health by starting out with intermittent fasting and a smoothie cleanse… I’ve always be curious about doing a smoothie challenge so I want to try it since I might as well… I plan to do it for 21 days and as long as I can… will be giving an update on how much I lost and how I feel mentally and physically at the ending of the month 😅 wish me gooduck…

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