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28 Comments on “HOW DID THEY MAKE THIS 😱😱 ?!”

  1. Every single time she shows another product I’m litterally like “just take my money already!” Even tho I’m broke 😅
    Also love your content Denny!

    1. Much love to you, but you’re very incorrect. Deni is a rare gem who knows what she’s doing. She also looks great without any makeup. Most women look 1000 x’s better with very little as opposed to a lot. 1000 x’s! Take good care of yourself & your skin, work on self-love, & be confident with what God blessed you with.

      Peace & many blessings 🦋

  2. 2 is like a casual, chill shade of lipstick, 3 is fire, like extra im a good way, and 1 is like a mix of the two. They all look awesome, but I think I like 3 the most

  3. Her iconic lines in this video for mehH
    ” Ten out of ten from mehH ” 🖤
    ” I see shimmers , i apply shimmers
    ” The makeup brushes looks like they came out of a fairy tale
    ” Berry cute ”
    ” Pew pew pew ”
    ” Blingy blingy ”
    ” Fireeeee ”
    ” Strawberries ”
    And last but not the least her smile , laugh and expressions
    BTW luv u 💗💜💟

  4. I love how deni just switches outfits just for the makeup look❤ I am now satisfied 😂 but I NEED to know where you got this from.

    Edit: it’s from flower knows but it’s in the US! I’ll definitely be buying this when I’m a little older lol

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