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39 Comments on “HELP ME CHOOSE 😏”

  1. mauve is subtle but i feel like the pink is really refreshing and looks energetic (also it fits the vibe of the earring which are gorgeous btw)

  2. I was like “Okay, pink is obviously going to win. No, mauve is going to win. Wait…wait…red is going to win!” Haha,they all look amazing on you! 😊

  3. They all look gorgeous on you!! But I think mauve goes really nicely with your earring and suits you best
    Have a nice day/night <3333

  4. I like the red because it blends very nicely with your blush.

    The other colours are stunning too, but if they had blush shades closer to them, the way the red does, they would be a better match – for me

  5. Pink is kinda “pop” , gives out bubbly side and gives barbie vibes🌷🌸
    Mauve is soft, simple and not as bold, but still nice. 👍

    Red is bold kinda dark but bright at the same time ♥️🌹🥵
    I would say, do a lipstick combo 🤩 But I’m sure if u do the combo it’s gonna turn out like mauve(ish). 😂 So i would go with mauve! I love the way you do ur makeups 💜

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