GRWM Five Minute Makeup! For Mature Women with Limited Time!

In this video Dawn Gallagher pairs up makeup artist Stephania Parent to give you a GRWM (get ready with me!) five minute makeup tips for mature women. Get GREAT skincare including toner – and use code Dawn10 for 10% for all skincare items – toner, lotion, face cream, eye gel, body oils and serums!
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My skincare: Get GREAT skincare including toner – and use code Dawn10 for 10% for all skincare items – toner, lotion, face cream, eye gel, body oils and serums!
Full Makeup tutorial

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Who has time to spend all day putting on makeup? I like to show you fast tips so you can be a fab gal on the go!

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In this video Dawn Gallagher gives you makeup tips under 5 minutes for women for mature women over 40 and 50.
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50 Comments on “GRWM Five Minute Makeup! For Mature Women with Limited Time!”

  1. Super video, loved it, I’d like to buy the eyeshadow Dawn, if could you help me find the link, tried the one shown, many thanks, you’re looking amazing x

  2. Thank you so much Ladies 🙏 Vegan is great . Wonderful . I’m always rushing out the door . I’m over 60 spending a lot of time on make up is not a priority. I just want to look better and a bit fresh . Have other interests I choose to put my time into .

  3. Beautiful and so natural! I think I have to change my powder routine a little bit… Sometimes I need more translucent powder, but it’s true that it accentuates my lovely lines a little bit too much… 😉 Thank you! 😘

    1. I use my powder more to blot down the concealer or the foundation. I am really love the glossier concealer. I have it linked to my amazon store. Dawn XO

  4. You look beautiful! but some of us ladies have uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation plus I had oily skin and now that I’m 56 it’s a oily normal, doing a simple makeup it not that easy, especially with the hot flashes that I been getting! 😓😓😓😓

  5. As a 48 year old woman I find it hard to figure out what “look” I need to go for. This was very helpful! I get hung up on all the “gurus” and end up feeling like I look like a clown lol! Thanks a bunch for this, you just made my morning much much easier!

  6. TBH I think you could look much better with a little more detail, and yes in five minutes! not liking the mascara she left on your eyelid or the eyeliner near the inner corners of your eye.
    Lippy looked all chunky what was with that?
    No! You are so beautiful I could have done much better and I’m no makeup artist in less than five minutes.
    Just have to say you do look so much like the beautiful Lee Remick (actress)

    1. My lips were super chapped as it was really cold in New York the week we shot that. It was the make up artists fault :). She cleaned up any residual mascara and eyeliner smudge. Thank you for the compliment about Lee Remick she was my favorite! XO

  7. I liked the 5 min video, but what about women (I turned 58 last Dec) who still, yes I still have oily skin!!! My face cleanser and moisturizer all my face prep is geared to address that issue. I do a microdermabrasion once a week
    I did switch to a liquid foundation recently that has primer in it so I can skip that step. I use powder to set, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer in powder form. I don’t want that dewy glow because to me it looks like my skin oil needs blotting. In the last 2 yrs my wrinkles doubled so I am very conscious of keeping powder out of there. I also have smokers lip though it has been since 23 yrs old when I quit. My grandmother had them too so it is hereditary and when I’m concentrating I noticed that is where the lines formed. Do you recommend any thing for us oily women?

    1. Diane Eby hi Diane! Do you use toner? Also the if you get a chance to watch how to put on makeup for dry or oily skin on my other video. It’s the one with almost a million views! It will address that! Xoxo dawn

    2. @Dawn Gallagher Thank you! I will watch! I use Mary Kay products and the toner is in their 4 in 1 cleanser which includes the toner step. Their cleansing set is the first set of products that has ever made my acne disappear. My skin is even smooth, I can no longer feel bumps under my skin that were the next line of acne coming to the surface. I Rarely! ever have breakouts anymore, but the summer does bring out a shine with the sweat. Ick. I use blotters and it’s worse if I forget my finishing spray.

    1. Hi Pam, I will ask Stephania but I don’t typically put makeup on my neck and I put my makeup on first before getting dressed. I also avoid shirts, etc. that rub against my skin if I have a meeting etc., as I too have had makeup rub off on a high collar shirt or jacket. Dawn XO

  8. Please list products used. I’ve never heard of the products you mentioned, would like to see the names pf products as a reference guide

  9. I cannot tell you how awesome an experience it is for me to have found someone who I have followed from teenage years in magazines and make up and beauty elements of my life you are probably even more influential to women my/our age now because you’ve done it- all this time, right- and you’re more beautiful than ever. Super encouraging🥰 and it’s awesome to be able to actually hear your thoughts and see your gracious ways. I suspect that the reason you are able to treasure your smile lines is because you have a grateful and gracious heart💕

    1. Hello beautiful! I apologize for just seeing this now. This has truly made my day. Thank you, thank for for the beautiful compliment. I so appreciate it. Love and light to you darling. Dawn XO

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