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    1. Question, when you get complements do you ever feel like they are fake or do they always feel real? Like bc you guys never get them I feel like when you do they are always by people who care about you and love you enough to give you a real compliment that you really enjoy getting. For us girls we get alot of complements that are people just trying to fill space or just a throw away comment and alot if the time it is never sincere so I want to know if you have it the same

    2. @Toothless yeah i can see how after a while the compliments would start to feel fake. for me they always feel real. i’ve actually started to get more compliments recently because i’ve been taking better care of my appearance and i’ve been dressing better so the compliments i get are in direct response to something i put effort into. that definitely makes them feel more genuine

    3. @Toothless i just want to say it doesnt make sense *to me* for someone to go out of their way to compliment something if they didnt mean it. I would never just say i like your shirt if i didnt think u look really good in it and/or its a really cool shirt etc. even if the compliment seems dumb, its the small details often. But as a girl ive never gotten compliments as a space filler so i guess it depends.

    4. @Space Bar that makes sense. I guess what I really meant is that sometimes people don’t complement you to make you feel better or to make you feel more confident, but just to say something. It is never a straight up lie but when there is an awkward silence between people you have just met alot of the time one person will just randomly say “I like your shirt” or “nice trainers” just to hopefully start some sort of conversation about something, not to actually complement you.

    1. That kinda sucks stupid double standards ig 🤷‍♀️. Well either way sure y’all are handsome especially personality wise.

  1. the reason i like this guy is because of his eyes
    they are so beautiful
    but i knew that every person he meets complements him on them
    so i wanna tell him that i like his smile
    cuz it’s so pretty and genuine
    i love it

    edit: lol i see i caught the hopeless romantics in the replies
    i decided to move on from him
    i know that he likes me because he makes it obvious and so do his friends
    but he never makes any moves
    and though i too am a hopeless romantic
    it isn’t good to linger on people when they do not act on their emotions

    1. even if you’re smokin hot you still won’t be every guy’s type so it’s not that simple to get a guy obsessed w you only by existing lol

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