Fashion Trend To Slay Winter 2021 | The Style Insider

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Fashion Trend Updates To Slay Winter 2021 | The Style Insider
With winter fast approaching now’s the perfect time to add a few simple pieces to help you get more wear out of the clothes you already own and to really help you build fresh, new outfits. The items I'm featuring today are all pieces that while on-trend now will still look great in your closet in years to come.
I'd love to hear which pieces are your favourites (if any) in the comments below.
Thanks for watching and I hope you're keeping warm.
See you soon.


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1. Dusty pink coat:
2. Khaki quilted coat:
3. Knit zip collar – beige, black and white:
4. Shorter ribbed collar:
5. Dark red knitted collar:
6. Black cargo pants with pockets:
7. Grey black utility pants:
8. Dark grey cargo pants:
9. Taupe collared sweatshirt dress:–cQ
10. Light taupe sweater dress:
11. Black long sweatshirt dress:
12. Crew neck sweatshirt dress:
13. Green cable knit sweater:
14. Red cable knit sweater:
15. Cream cable knit sweater:
16. Cable knit with white skirt:
17. High waist straight jeans:
18. Slim leg mom ankle jeans:
19. Flared jeans:


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45 Comments on “Fashion Trend To Slay Winter 2021 | The Style Insider”

  1. #4 used to be called a dickey in the U.S…you’d wear them under your shirt or suit so you’d have a collar or turtleneck peeking out without the bulk of a full shirt or sweater. It’s so funny to see them worn on top of other garments.

    1. Yeah Howard in big bang theory would wear them underneath. Over the clothes they look like these special napkins you put on babys and toddlers so they don’t get food all over themselves

    2. Yes it’s interesting how they are now worn as almost the statement piece – to be seen! And thanks for mentioning the work Dickey – I didn’t realise that’s what they were called until I posted this video so yay 🙂

  2. Hi Leonie,
    It’s always nice when you show support to someone. We, especially women, could certainly use more of it. You’re a gem and your vlogs, style and grace are a breath of fresh air. Keep em coming!😍

  3. Dear Leonie, thank you for your video, always inspiring! I also wish you a lot of courage and strength in the lockdown that has been holding you in its grip for so long. stay strong. 💕

  4. I like the zip collars, because they cover where we get cold in most coats and jackets. I also lime those super-cropped sweaters that are basically just a pair of sleeves, they can convert a sleeveless dress for colder weather. I wish I could find a white one, they’re all ivory.

  5. The “cloud coat” referred to as puffer coats….have been in style for quite some time, but some of the coats make you look like the “Micheline” man. It’s not for everyone.

  6. Loved your son’e little cameo! It’s so easy to forget that your favorite you tubers are regular people too 🙂 and have families and lives outside of youtube!

    1. Thank you so much Nicole – I didn’t mean to have my black crop showing to be honest but only realised once I started editing (duh). It looks much nicer on it’s own or with fresh white underneath to be honest 🙂

  7. 💟 So the” knit collar ” that’s on trend is something I remember back many years ago, it was referred to as a ” dickie “, to be worn ” underneath ” a button down shirt or a cardigan sweater. So my main point here is that this piece was worn underneath not over the top of the clothing item!!! Love denim & look forward to wearing my wide leg pants!

    1. I remember the dickie as well! I never owned one, never saw the need to. These knit collars are similar, but some seem oversized and are visually distracting. Dickies blended in more to the outfit, seems like these collars want to dominate the outfit.

    2. Dickies were great when you lived in a warmer climate to wear under button up shirts instead of a turtleneck which would be too warm. I think these just look silly over top of the outfit

  8. Your youngest son is nearly as tall as your oldest! They are handsome & sweet young men. You’ve done a great job raising such compassionate men by yourself!!👏🏼👏🏼

  9. I love seeing your admiration for other influencers. You are such a kind and gentle soul. We need more of that. What’s yours will always find it’s way to you. That’s why I love your videos.

  10. Hi Leoni , he’s looks like you, gorgeous young man ! Good for you to include him.
    Definitely shopping smarter and shopping less, much less. I’m shopping my closet more and more these days. I don’t really go out much, I have a full time job which is very casual, I live on a ranch, way casual. Only wedding or family functions do I wear something more dressy. I rarely attend those , lol.
    I’m reorganizing my closet and found that I have a good amount of key pieces, few trending pieces. My vibe I do like boho chic

    1. Ahh people do say we look alike but I can’t really see it but thank you. Living on a ranch sounds so interesting to me and I hear you about the weddings and functions – I don’t know anyone going to many fun events these days unfortunately. Great to hear you don’t need to do any shopping though – yay!

  11. I really liked the sweat dresses. Great idea for winter. And yes, dark denim and cable knits are forever great pieces.
    P.S. Your boy is so handsome! Is he the one that stayed with you or the younger one at his dad’s?
    So nice to see at least one of your boys. Perhaps the other one will show up too?

    1. Oh thank you! Yes he is my eldest son who has always stayed with me (bless him). Fingers crossed I can get my youngest to make a little cameo appearance too 🙂

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