Family Function Vs Choice of Kid’s Clothes !!

Do comment your answer😍
Honestly for many years my answer was “no”. Glad I learnt to be better now.
Let’s make the world a better place for our kids.

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44 Comments on “Family Function Vs Choice of Kid’s Clothes !!”

  1. My 9 year old got skin issues…. most of the fabric types are itchy for her… initially I used to get frustrated but now I accept it and let her wear what she’s comfortable in

    1. ​@Talent Oyster (HR Consulting)yes … all her bedding is 100% cotton…. her daily wear is mostly cotton…. I don’t use woolen clothes on her…. not even in winters…. I use cotton clothes in layers 👍

    2. Same. I’m 25 and I still wear very soft fabrics mainly cotton. No synthetic itchy fabrics. When I was baby, I felt uncomfortable in any fancy dresses or other fabrics. My parents understood that and bought me only soft cotton dresses. Until they told me this, I didn’t even know.

    1. So u gonna change urself? I saw a kid adamant to wear torned dress, because he likes the colour. Then, his mom consoled him like ” u r my good boy right? U r my sweety right? Like that 😄.
      Sometimes kids can’t decide and parents too lol.

  2. My daughter now 4 years… From her 2 and half years… She selected her dress… Touch feel the clothes softness… Then only she will select the dress till now

  3. I’m in my 20s my mom always goes with my choice or else I won’t let her be in peace😅😂 so she always allows me to choose my dress from childhood ❤️ma love ma❤️

  4. It’s very very similar to how I grew up. Mom decided what to wear, how to tie my hair, this and that. I never was happy and felt leftout among my friends. This has changed when I grew up.

    Parents should really hear what their child want.. instead of forcing them to accept the things they want.

    1. Same here but now I grow up now and i decide what to wear but still my parents are like you are too stylish , we are nothing just burden. They try to emotion maniculete me

  5. A major problem faced by kids… Which was faced by myself, but in a bit different way… I used to be scared to even tell my parents about the problem of what and why I didn’t want to wear… But now I’ve grown up and I myself have learnt to respect my choices…. To make others respect mine….

  6. Definitely… I used to ask their convince about 👗 👗 dresses.. and I respect their suggestions too….👍👍👍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  7. This is true. We shud definitely check if kids are comfortable in any dress which is a must. At the same time not completely leaving the choice to them, they for sure make mistakes and end up choosing wrong ones and sometimes same ones. Like my daughter if I leave it to her will always pick only pink dresses 😂

  8. My mother used to dress me strictly as per her choice and I would feel very much unconfident. Now I can’t tolerate others choosing my outfit and I have developed liking for sober clothing.

  9. Your messages can be related with our own experiences❤ hope you make an even greater impact on our society. Good luck to you and your organization

  10. In the beginning I used to get stressed out when my daughter didn’t want to wear some dresses. Later I started listening to what reason she was saying. Now I buy clothes which I know she feels comfortable with.

  11. Had always faced this problem of my parents deciding what should I wear
    They never respected my choice as my and their choices differ a lot and because of this I lack in decision making skills

    I really appreciate ur effort to underline this not so called discrimination that a child face

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