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Hey guys! Here are some do's and don'ts when applying false lashes 🙂 I hope you enjoy!


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EyerisBeauty lashes in the style Empress


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65 Comments on “FALSE LASHES DO’S & DON’TS”

    1. Thank you for this video..!! I just came upon it randomly, & I’m so happy I did because I don’t put fake eyelashes on that often – so when I do, it’s always an ordeal to get them perfect – but now that I watched your video, I can use all of those little tricks to make it wayyy easier & better looking when I put eyelashes on.!! 😀

    1. same. for me, pressing them against the lash line is the worst part, they either get glued to my natural lashes instead of skin, or i place them too high above the lash line in order to the avoid the first situation. damn

    2. my glue always succesfully messes ma eyeliner and is always high above… however lashes really give te perfect finish to any look so lets keep struggling my people looool

  1. Finally, someone who gets right to the point. No adjusting the camera, no messy room behind her, and did not struggle for her words. Well done young Lady.

    1. Exactly! She knocked this out of the park. I’ve seen 20 plus minute videos on this. Like Sweet Brown said,”Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Just come to Denitslava and she hooks you up with a knowledgeable efficient approach!

  2. I’m so loving your accent. It’s on constant repay🤣. I am a beginner at apply lashes. I’m having such trouble with applying them. I’m getting so frustrated. After watching so many tutorials (too many to mention), your tutorial is so inspirational . I’m going to try AGAIN🙄. I’ll update you👌🏾.

    1. Practice makes perfect babe! I doubt anyone managed to glue on false lashes at the first attempt hahah 😁😁 Keep on trying and I’m sure you will make it! 😊💕

    1. FR, same HERE!! check reviews first, get them done professionally, and take good care of them (don’t get drunk and fall asleep on face either). I’m so hit and miss with falsies, I just get them done now, and it’s basically the same price, and one day of work every few weeks 🙂

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