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Products Used :
– Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner ( Legend) – Shop here: http://goo.gl/3KRrTD
-Sigma E11 brush

-Seduire Essentials lashes in the style Marilyn
-AnastasiaBeverlyHills Liquid lipstick in "Crush"
-AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Definer in Meduim Brown


♥ NO EYELINER Makeup Tutorial

♥ Soft Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

♥ Soft Rosy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

♥ Colorful Spring Makeup Tutorial

♥ Double Cut Crease


Glude – Breathe


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93 Comments on “EYELINER TUTORIAL”

  1. I literally had to google her to know her age since she looked 13. I’m amazed that she is 22. So talented! Give us your secret or the youth elixir that you’re taking 😂

  2. The only thing i hate about eyeliner is that when i apply it,it gets stuck in my eyelashes and then it transfers onto my skin when i blink😐

    1. when i try to get it off, the eyeliner get’s into my eye so it looks like i put eyeliner all around that white part of my eye. (sorry i don’t know or care what that eye part is called lol.) then it disappears like eyelashes that fall into my eye.

    1. wow its been a year since i posted this comment, id like to say im decent at eyeliner now and i wear it everyday i guess a year of practice gets u places 😌

  3. my problem is i CANT 👏🏻 GET👏🏻MY👏🏻EYELINER👏🏻CLOSE👏🏻ENOUGH👏🏻TO👏🏻MY👏🏻EYE👏🏻

    1. My friend tried to do my makeup and my eye kept twitching and it messed up the eyeliner and then I did the same thing where I blinked while she did the mascara

    2. it may be an issue with the kind of eye you have! i had this issue because i have hooded eyes but just like she showed in the video, you shouldn’t go over the crease and keep it low

  4. That moment when you actually do it perfectly on the first side, but then you remember that you have 2 eyes and they have to look the same or your whole look goes to crap..

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