Ethan Is TikTok’s New Alpha God, Guessing What Women’s Beauty Products Do – After Dark #99


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00:00 Intro & Hila's Outfit
3:30 Hila feeling more comfortable
09:50 Gabe Calls in drinking boba
16:30 Reflecting on the Alpha Male EP
24:40 Viewer's Mom Shares Heartbreaking but important Story (TW)
33:00 Taking over alpha male TikTok
1:16:00 Ethan Workshops the perfect Viral TikTok
1:26:00 Ethan Guess What Women's Beauty Products Do
2:25:20 H3 Fan Animation & Ethan hating on short people
2:36:42 Dad's FAILED diss track
2:48:10 Ethan's mom cameo deez nuts
2:49:20 Esfand openes door for thief?
2:51:26 MSCHF drops new shoe
3:06:50 Tyson Mistakes Hassbulla for child
3:13:30 BigNik's Cringe Tweet
3:18:55 Buccal Fat Removal Trend
3:40:30 End of the show talk

65 Comments on “Ethan Is TikTok’s New Alpha God, Guessing What Women’s Beauty Products Do – After Dark #99”

  1. I really wish the best for the sweet mother that lost her son. I’m glad she finds comfort in this podcast like her son and many of us do. Family💖

  2. Being fat *is* alpha, historically obesity was a sign of wealth and status, while being fit was a result of toiling away at physical labor just to survive. Ethan’s built like Henry VIII.

    1. ​@CgYou might want to expand where you’re getting your information! “White” people were the ones who learned about agriculture late, other cultures were already taking care of the planet in their regular existence 🙂 and Henry was not athletic, he was fat

  3. as someone who goes to the gym 6-7 days a week. Exercise can help and be an outlet but therapy and medication has helped my depression and anxiety the most. Just like Hila said without it I couldn’t even get out of bed to make it to the gym in the first place 💕 Ethan is the new Alpha

  4. Ethan: “what’s with people just reacting silently on IG reels?”

    Also Ethan: ** spends 20 minutes silently reacting to a tiktok live on air **

  5. The fact that Ethan almost cried made me cry I think you have a big influence on your audience n I’m thankful for you n the crew spreading good info

  6. As a young adult woman its inspiring and a great thing to hear when you guys spotlight hila and her growth as a woman. I am not a parent but we can all still relate in learning to trust ourselves and becoming more confident. Its beautiful to see hila blossoming and coming into her own!

    1. That’s about the only thing I can agree with what H3 has become, other than that Ethan is a touch too toxic nowadays. 😭 yes I’m crying about it, but I agree with you 100% nonetheless. 😊

  7. As a member of the 5% male audience I have to say ethan has inspired and helped me to come to terms with the fact that I may be depressed and have been this way for possibly a very long time… it is kinda hard to admit to myself and to other people and I do feel weak but the story at the beginning made me realize I need to be more open about it

    1. The first step is always to admit there is something going on. I hope you either get the help you need or I hope you find ways to deal with it ❤ peace and love

    2. Another man here, just want to echo Ethan and everyone else to say asking for help is not weakness. Going to therapy or taking medication is not weakness either. It takes a lot of strength to admit that you can’t do it alone, especially as a man. Love you brother, stay strong ❤️

    1. I’ve had two and my tits are completely lopsided. Saggy. Massive. I am covered in purple stretch mark scars. C section scars. My entire body is 100% different. Just because a super thin woman had babies and stayed thin doesn’t mean you should expect your pregnancy to be that way lol. Sorry but its not realistic

    2. You have to have good genetics to not get stretch marks/breast problems. And you have to work VERY hard to stay in shape during the pregnancy, women only need apparently 300 more calories a day during pregnancy ONLY in the third trimester, which good luck with that. You have to workout every day and work very hard after the birth as well. And developing the energy or drive to do so while pregnant is extremely difficult.

  8. Olivia and love’s fist bumps melts my heart and Olivia’s little wink, I love them 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🖤🖤🖤

  9. The segment addressing mental health, suicide, and toxic masculinity was so important. Thank you for speaking on this, it could literally save someone’s life!!

    1. No one should take advice from Ethan. Very positive thing he preached he does the exact opposite. Also there no such thing as toxic masculinity. Just toxic men.

  10. absolutely killed by the crew being like “ethan do this later, sorry audio listeners” about him recording a tiktok as if we haven’t had 20 minute silent subway/mcdonalds segments

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