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39 Comments on “DRY SHAMPOO FOR LASHES 🤨?!”

    1. Yessss absolutely!!! I also find that brushing my lashes before and after I curl them helps as well!! But yeah def having one makes all the difference!!!

    2. I use a clean mascara wand from an old mascara tube that focused on separating the lashes. So basically a nice and spikey plastic wand

    3. Best thing ever is a lash comb – clean spoolies end up removing half the product and if you carry on combing whilst it dries, you end up with a nice curl

  1. I work for MAC and the trick with this product is that you’re supposed to do 3 coats for it to separate and revive your lashes. When you do 3 coats it almost turns into like serum for your lashes, hope this helps💖

  2. This young lady is so sweet you have to love her…her parents must be so proud of her….I’m sure she’s a wonderful Daughter.. she’s a credit to her Generation….

  3. I use clear mascara to do this!!! It works great to re-lubricate the old chunky dry stuff whether it’s been on all day or your mascara is getting old. Use clear mascara then use an old clean dry wand that you like to use as a separator. You can also wet a dry old clean wand and run it through slightly wet. But clear works better to thin out dry stuff. ❤

  4. I love that when a product isn’t the best or a hack doesn’t work
    she will always say
    “I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.”
    Thank you for being so positive even when something doesn’t work😊.

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