Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn Once And For ALL

Today I'm sharing dressing rules everyone should learn. Subscribe here for more videos like this: http://bit.ly/2pFnkE7

These dressing rules are easy to follow tips that can help you feel amazing every day. Plus, they're things many of us may not have considered before but when you do, they make all the difference. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey

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*FOR REFERENCE: I’m 5’3” or 160cm & my measurements are bust: 26×36 inches I typically wear xxs-xs in tops, waist: 25-26 inches typically a 24-25 in jeans and a 0-2 in pants, 37” hips. Weight: typically 105-110 lbs

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45 Comments on “Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn Once And For ALL”

    1. Dillard’s also have fitting specialists. Make an appointment so that you will have one on one help. I will be making my appointment after the first of the year. I am still wearing the same bra from 15 lbs ago and I am aging and a victim of gravity. I cannot wait to find a comfortable, well fitting bra.

    2. Because bra retailers don’t care but only for money. Once at a clothing store someone said something suited me so well; it did not.

  1. As an artist and clothing shop assistant that make outfits in store I can say, if you know how to, you can mix cool and warm tones and still look amazing.

  2. In a world where everyone is screaming, finally someone talking. Nicely. Beautifully. Great great content as well. So much better than the plastic loudy so called influenzers out there. Subscribed with a big GRAZIE 😊

  3. I just ordered my personal color wheel, and look forward to using it with my wardrobe. Yes, to creating a mini series on YouTube. Thank you.

    1. I read your comment RIGHT when she said “um” during the part about bra sizing at department stores lol but yes, she is very eloquent and flowing in her speech all the same

  4. I worked in fashion at the high level fashion houses in styling, public relations, and as a house and fitting model. Audrey Coyne is spot on and her presentations is practical and foolproof. She’s so engaging. Please listen to her!

    1. I thank you Audrey for speaking on the choice of undergarments which is the most important item for an elegant look. Would love to watch more of your videos. I think you have excellent fashion taste. Keep up the good work. I Love your style.

  5. Love that although the title is “rules” they turn out to be practical, usually overlooked tips. Like getting whites in a size up, well fitting bras as the foundation of all outfits, colors in the same family for a streamlined wardrobe. Thanks, learned a lot!

  6. I stopped wearing push up bras and now I only wear bralettes and other non-wired bras and I’ve been feeling so much better! They’re so much more comfortable and even though they don’t make my boobs look bigger I prefer the comfort. ☺️

  7. All of your videos are so informative and interesting. As an older lady who always wants to look my best I love your classic looks. I try to buy quality versus quantity. I am also not against second hand buys which allow me to increase the quality of my wardrobe.

  8. Thank you so much for the bra measurement formula! I have some beautiful older bras where the size has worn off on the tags; I didn’t know how to re-order without visiting the shops and they’re very hard to find so now I can order them online thanks to you

  9. I saw this and immediately went out to upgrade my underwear drawer, just a few new options that actually fit me!
    I’ve also shared the no white under white rule with my mum.

    Thank you! I’ve subscribed and watched a few more recent videos you’re so helpful!!

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