DECLUTTERING SHOES, CLOTHES, CRAFTS & MORE!! Decluttering and Organizing A Bedroom Closet 💗💅🏾🥳

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50 Comments on “DECLUTTERING SHOES, CLOTHES, CRAFTS & MORE!! Decluttering and Organizing A Bedroom Closet 💗💅🏾🥳”

    1. Yes! Thank you, when I was starting with minimalism these videos kept me going ❤ now I’m healed so I just love to watch them 😂 but thank u for inviting us all into your space and remember goal is progress not perfection ❤

  1. DSW takes used shoes and gives you points towards a certificate. Condition doesn’t matter. Bad condition clothes can be dropped at H&M or Goodwill-they recycle them. No landfill necessary for shoes or clothes. Great work

    1. H&M sends them to African landfills, at least last I heard. That being said, there is nothing in a second hand shoe a washing machine can’t fix, unless they’re really unwearable.

    2. I always wash gym shoes but some shoes are just plain worn out-DSW recycles them. As far as what H& M does with the recycling I have no idea. Goodwill is another option.

  2. You guys worked so hard and did a great job. It’s tough when your entire life has to fit in a bedroom, even if it is a bigger bedroom. If you have hobbies like crafting it’s even harder.

  3. Another amazing makeover! Carla, you have the patience of a saint! I imagine you probably would rather get rid of way more stuff, but you are so understanding and let them decide for themselves. You worked a miracle organizing all that stuff and making it look so good too. Samson is just the cutest, my beautiful doggy went to doggy heaven a few days ago 😢💕

  4. This seems like an example where another declutter in 6 months would make sense. When there’s so much stuff you need to give yourself a second (and maybe 3rd, 4th …) run

    1. @Nick Yes it is absolutely an ongoing process that’s needed in MOST homes🙋🏽‍♀️. We at one point had tons of ‘things’ and it was so overwhelming. About 11 yrs ago, we paired things down and let go of things that weren’t serving us in a positive manner. I am thankful I have been able to maintain. If I need part ways with items it an easy task that always leaves me feeling refreshed. I love when Carla helps those in need.

  5. I love the shoe rack solution in the closet, and especially how your friend managed to purge HALF of her footwear. I still think the craft corner needs more purging (you don’t want to block the window), but there were A LOT of decisions made today, and you both did a great job! 💜

  6. Great reveal. I once kept shoes from like 15 to 20 years old. Decided to wear them to a fancy event and they melted on my feet during the night. My feet sweat and were hot and then BAM !! It was like tar on the bottom of my feet. They weren’t even cheap when I first bought them but things aren’t ment to last forever!! I learned that lesson.

    1. Wore old ones to work, and the soles came off while walking across the parking lot. I had to run to Target barefooted to grab something quick. Never again.

    2. This happened to my dad at my grandmother’s funeral. He wore dressier shoes with a rubber bottom that he almost never wore because it was icy and the bottoms had dry rotted. He was leaving pieces of the sole all over the brunch venue and was incensed that they’d broken… until I asked how old they were and he said probably 15 years 😅 it honestly provided some levity for a difficult day.

    3. @Cynthia Turner same thing happened to me but at work. But thank goodness I change my shoes at work because I needed nonslip so embarrassing. A few people saw it and we’re cracking up.
      I did not tell them they were years old

  7. I had over 150 pairs of shoes when I was in my early twenties, only realized that I had a problem when I moved out of that apartment. Now, after a year of decluttering, I’m at 12 pairs and still feel like it might be excessive.. love your decluttering with friends series ❤

    1. Hats down ❤ I feel you, I had extreme numbers of shoes but more importantly clothes .. like 700 t shirts and so on and the worst is I was never interested in fashion or anything, everything was just bought because I saw it, it was cheap and so on .. now we are moving and all my clothes fit into FOUR drawers and when I started it was like four walk in closets .. I’m so proud of you, me and everyone who got on this road 🎉

    2. I think 12 is def not excessive as someone who has def had that many in the past. Sorta sad I don’t have the life that requires so many styles of shoes that I had in my younger life.

    3. I have 26 pairs of shoes, four pair cowboy boots, one pair regular boots, one pair rain/garden boots and one pair garage shoes. As a senior I probably only really use about four pairs. Plus my feet hurt with some of them. The other shoes get used when I dress up which isn’t often. And most of my shoes were thrifted. So I need to get rid of about half of them!

    4. ​​@Easycoaster don’t think 12 is that bad either because it’s 3 per season. Obviously summer is more versatile when it comes to sandals and heels. I live in western Washington so we are in sneakers and boots most of the year.

  8. I own 10 pairs of shoes and my slippers. I don’t care about shoes, handbags or overly clothing. But backpacks…I have to be careful LOL Thank you both for taking us on this journey. I always find it very helpful and motivating!

  9. Becky did a good job of letting go… it seemed like the goal of decluttering at least 15 pairs of shoes was met. Carla, you did a superb job of gently guiding her through the entire process. Tackling a project like that would be so overwhelming and stressful on her own but is actually fun with a friend like you!

  10. Carla, I don’t think you and Becky were the only ones who were overjoyed when the staple gun *did* fit into the drawer 😅 So satisfying to watch lovely organisation like this ❤ Thank you both

  11. For an even cleaner look, you could put up a tension rod and a nice neutral curtain over the craft storage area. Great job with the purge and organizing!

    1. I think her (clutterbug) organizing style might be a bee, though, so then she would be a visual organizer 🤔 – for non-visual types, I agree, though

  12. Going over the intended goal with 23 pairs is stellar! Really great job in doing what works for your friend and keeps things organized while also holding on to things she enjoys. No shame, no undue pressure (which can make things overwhelming), just encouragement and progress to meet the goals. Love to see it!

  13. It basically took me 5 years to declutter my house. I used to have so many clothes like her. But I’ve found so much peace in having much less. Again it has taken me 5 years to get here.

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