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26 Comments on “COPYING ILLUSION MAKEUP and it was a mess”

  1. First of all I want to say happy new year deni. I hope this is an amazing year for you and everyone reading this comment. Who saw her channel in randomly and now cannot stop watching her. It’s so good of her to give shoutouts to smaller creators. I love your editing and I know you might have probably seen this a hundred times in your comment section but your voice is sooo cute like a baby is talking and your makeup skills are amazinggggg. When I first saw on of your video i thought that you were acting your cute voice but then I understood that it was your real voice.

  2. Luckily nothing went wrong 🤣
    This was creepy but i like it 😂 the holes were disturbing to me I couldn’t see them as chocolates 😅
    You’re perfect as usual deni 😍 keep doing these recreations please 💙🙏🏻

  3. Omg how can a girl have so many talents😳 ,she can sing,cook, creative and can paint really well 🤨anyways your makeup look is so beautiful 💐❤️😊

  4. The falsies don’t hide your work- they add that perfect touch, just like on your real eyes 😉love it! (Edit- would be cool if next time you did the eyes like you do yours- smoky, cat, cut crease etc- with shimmers too 🙃)

  5. Loved the video Deni, it was so funny😂 your editing skills are amazing ❤️🙌🏻
    P.s Chiton is pronounced as Kai- ton (ton as in the weighing term)

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