Cleaning Luminess Makeup Airbrush

Cleaning the Luminess Makeup Airbrush using some easy techniques (soap, water, brushing) and some cool tools!

Now that it's clean, put it back together – here's the next video to watch:

Ever heard of needle brushes? Me neither until this project!

Here's my AMAZON affiliate link for the needle brushes – they're great for cleaning lots of little stuff…

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Enjoy and good luck


49 Comments on “Cleaning Luminess Makeup Airbrush”

  1. Tons of parts involved! I think I rather just slap on my foundation or my B.B. cream & call it a day 😯
    Is it something she uses every day? And how often do you go through this entire process?
    I’ve seen things done with it on TV and it never looks like any coverage to me…..
    anyhow I am a make up artist for over 15 years, I know a lot of them for bridal make up, but I don’t know much about it ….
    it looks like more trouble then it’s worth! If you don’t mind me asking how much did she pay for that device? Thanks

    1. Hey there! Good questions! So she is a professional and does a lot of wedding makeup. The airbrush is great because it won’t get messed up with tears or sweat. But yeah for everyday use that would be a bit Overkill for yourself. I’m not sure about the price but I bet you could find them on Amazon.

    2. So Your Wife Wants You To Thank you so much for the info I appreciate it! I also do weddings almost every weekend and I’ve
      Been a make up artist for about 15 years, so this sounds Like a great tool for me and that’s not bad for cleaning, thanks again! ☺️

  2. And I see a ton on Amazon so I have no clue which one to go with, do you think she might know which brand it is? If not I’ll just read the reviews I guess LOL thanks

    1. Hey there. So it’s a Luminess brand. Here’s a link to the kit…
      If it’s for you, since it comes with makeup, you’ll have to select your skin tone. If you’re going to have a little business, it’ll come with a set of whatever tone/color makeup you choose. Then you may have to get more to match your client’s skin.

    1. Hmm…. She’s camera shy. But I think she’s made an appearance in an early video. I’ll try to find it for you 😉

  3. Why is he throwing this stuff around? Haha. You have to be careful with that needle dude, its extremely delicate. After cleaning my last system I was super careful yet still managed to bend the needle which wasn’t even noticeable until I put everything back together and it didn’t work anymore . I just can’t help but wonder if he’s attempting to look cool by adding “shock value.” All I know is every time he throws another delicate piece of equipment that isn’t cheap into A FRAGILE GLASS DISH I want to slap him.

    1. Oh…I haven’t had any issues so far… But I’ll be more careful with the needle… Never hurts to treat things gently… Especially expensive things 😆

      Thank you! ☺️

  4. The only one who helped me learn what tools to have to clean my luminess, A GUY!!! Thank youuuuu soooo much. I’m going to order the needle brushes.

    1. Not sure why it took me 5 months to notice this reply 😂🤔
      I’m glad it helped you!
      By now you’re a pro at cleaning your airbrush no doubt 😁

  5. Just got mine 3 weeks ago and already It’s Wearing Me OUT! Especially after watching that lengthy fix it video! I’d rather try to fix a Vacume Cleaner than attempt that? It’s going back!

  6. Thanks! i could not figure out the trigger piece mine was put together, it was a 50% chance it would spray , so Good job! Lucky wife, maybe she can make videos on how to start a clothing line or start a online business, that I would watch.

    1. I’m glad my vid helped you! She doesn’t have much time for videos… She runs a pretty active Facebook group already… It’s a boutique. (I think that’s how you spell it). She’s way fancier than me. 😁😎

  7. As he tosses the tip of the needle into the ceramic dish…arrgghh. Can you fix (de-burr) the tip of the needle too?
    But you can put it back together well, so I’ll give you that. Iwata also makes a good airbrush cleaner, that you can blow through the airbrush to de-gunk.

  8. I just received today my Luminess Air Technique. I used it. I cleaned it but had trouble putting back the needle and some parts were displaced. Thanks to your video, now it is working again.

  9. I didn’t see you having a little tiny ring about the same material as the spring. Did you have one and if so where does it go during assembly?
    Another spray button doesn’t seem to want to spring back to the forward position. I’m having to push it forward. Any feed back on those two questions?

    1. Your comment just showed up. For months I only saw the one that asked where your comment went. Odd. Anyway… Check out my more-recent video on the kind that has 2 springs. That’s the kind that has the little metal o ring.
      I wonder if you’re missing a spring? That’s what engages the trigger. Sorry this is 8 minutes later but I’m just now seeing it and I looked months ago for something I missed. YouTube must have messed up somehow.

  10. Oh my God thank you so much out of all the videos I watched, yours is the only one that actually step-by-step helped me bring my style is back to life! Thank you!

  11. Hi Steve; great videos one thing my luminess came with two screens and I am an not entirely sure how come your wife’s doesn’t so I am a little confused as to where to place them all

    1. Click on my other luminess video and go to the comments section. There are people who mentioned two springs and maybe they can help you? I don’t know otherwise 🤔

    2. @So Your Wife Wants You To Hi sorry I forgot to get back to you yesterday. Wooohooo I found out how to put the two springs back in. Thanks for the video

    1. yeah I just use my fingers. But some people may need extra support I guess. Regardless, we all made it happen! 💪

    As you mentioned the needle is one of the most important parts of this tool. Well in my humble opinion it is THE most important part. Yet no where in any of these videos, does it mention to DO NOT BEND THE TIP!!!
    Or when reassembling, to check for a bent tip. I would even recommend
    using a good magnifying glass with a bright light in the background to check
    for a bent or uneven needle tip. If it is REPLACE IT.

    1. I’m glad this helped you! Did you see my other videos on how to put it back together? They’ve been helpful for people too.

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