BEST & WORST Luxury Purchases of 2021! *oops*

BEST & WORST Luxury Purchases of 2021! *oops* For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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Cardigan I’m Wearing:
Tank Top:
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1. Gucci Bag:
Preloved Version:

2. Chloe Bag:

3. Chanel Bag:

4. Cartier Juste Un Cloue Bracelet:
Preloved Version:

5. Cartier Love Bracelet:
Preloved Version:

6. Louis Vuitton Utility Bag:

7. Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag:
Preloved Version:

8. Hermes Birkin Bag:



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30 Comments on “BEST & WORST Luxury Purchases of 2021! *oops*”

  1. Oil the zipper. I have the same problem, especially with Louis Vuitton. Totally agree it should run smoothly – it will if oiled periodically. Having said that, the zippers are HIGH quality zippers and maybe that’s why they run a little rougher and need to be oiled. I use oil my manicurist uses for my cuticles . Easy 🙂

  2. Hi Shea me again ❤❤ I am loving the look of that strap so pretty and this utility bag looks different, I love it more than the one with the circle small bag ❤❤ Yay!! For the beautiful Birkin 😍 Congrats Shea, I love your collection, might be time for a collection video ❤❤ Love you Shea, also, side note I am wearing my Aero necklace today as well. 🙌❤

  3. The pochete metis strap looks awesome on the utility bag. I think it really elevated it. I may have to start calling that part a fan instead of gusset. That’s way cuter😆 “On the streets of Pennsylvania” cracked me up 🤣 Wish I could give this video a million thumbs up. This was fun

  4. The Cartier white gold love bracelet looked perfect on you. It was the perfect stack! 😍
    Love the Louis Vuitton bags. They are stunning. The Birkin bag not so much 😬 but it is an incredible and well thought investment piece.
    Love from Portugal! ❤

  5. Enjoyed this video and loved that you included an unboxing! The surprise for me was the Chloe bag because you really did seem to like it when you got it. I love the LV Utility – I tried it on in store, but it seemed a little edgy for my usual look. Never thought about using the PM strap with it Wow that looked so good!!

  6. I love this video. But instead of me buying I brought stocks in to one of these companies. I am vegan and I rather stick to what I love then buying something that I can get a return. So I invested. And I am proud of myself. So I own a little of the pie lol . Happy New Year

  7. Shea another amazing video!! I miss your luxury handbag content so much 💜 I’ve been here from the beginning, and love all your new stuff but seriously missed the luxury 😍 last but not least, congrats on your new Birkin bag!!!

  8. Omg I just got the utility bag as well and I’m obsessed with it! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do! My zipper was stiff too but I took it to the boutique and they out something on it for me and it’s now beautifully smooth. I didn’t love the light colored strap so I sold the strap and bought the black one that comes with the black leather version of the utility bag.

  9. I’m surprised the Chloe woody (kinda) made the list. Looked far easier to use then the LV, and the same light straps. But honestly, I’d rock them all! 🤷🏻‍♀️😍

    1. I totally agree also. I wear a yellow gold and a rose gold., plus a bunch of other random things – tennis bracelets, gold bead bracelets…

    2. @Jennifer Olin I bet that looks so pretty! 😍 Like Shea said I love white gold and yellow gold stacked in the ring form but for some reason the bracelets aren’t the vibe.

  10. Happy New Year Shea, look forward to seeing what you have installed for us in 2022, always a Pleasure watching your channel even though I’m not such a high end girl lol 😂 just High Maintenance Lol 😂. Cheers from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️

  11. Love this video, Shea. Really happy to see you mixing luxury back into your videos. I think you do luxury the best. I really appreciate, and always have, your point of view on such things.

  12. That coussin bag is a mess in my opinion. The gold chain looks tacky. The only one I like is the birkin but I’m not a bag girl so I’d never buy it. Glad you enjoy looking at it. I Just don’t get the whole designer bag thing but I like your videos.

  13. Sorry to say but seems like all these costly purchases don’t bring you joy or satisfaction. I spend $150 on a Coach bag and love it for years. Classic and extremely well made. (Great zippers lol)

    1. I love high end luxury indeed, but these days I’ve been buying Coach. Coach is really killing the game right now. Their designs these days look better than LV, Gucci and others.

    2. I have a baby blue Coach crossbody I bought 5 years ago. Still looks brand new. I have to force myself to use a different handbag instead of my beloved baby blue Coach…lol

  14. “You know when you open up a Chanel bag….” No. I don’t. Not a clue because I cannot afford them. 😂. All good still love you Shea.

    1. Seriously! I love Shea, but the pros and cons of luxury bags isn’t a big issue of mine, lol. My biggest concern was getting my kid’s what they wanted for Christmas AND still paying the bills!!! 🤷‍♀️

  15. Fun to watch, but I bought 2 of the bargain purses you showed this year and really like them. Glad you sometimes include us bargain shoppers ❤️

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