Best Budget Fall Fashion Trends To Buy Now | How To Style

Best Budget Fall Fashion Trends To Buy Now | How To Style
I'm sure you've already noticed that Fall fashion is starting to arrive so today I thought I'd pull together some affordable Fall fashion essentials that will be perfect for when the weather starts to get a little colder. I know we're still a little way off Fall but I couldn't help getting excited at some of the new season pieces that have dropped and I also wanted to highlight some key pieces that are perfect to take you from one season to another. I'm hoping you already own some of these pieces and if you do now is a great time to maybe bring a few of them out and maybe set a little time aside to start creating some new season outfits. I always find it really helpful to get inspired by some street style looks and then dive into my own wardrobe and see if I can recreate some cool new outfits utilising the pieces I already own. This little exercise also helps to show what you may be missing too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's video and I will see you again real soon.


1. Black leather loafers:
2. Horsebit loafers:
3. Heeled loafers:
4. Chunky leather loafers:

5. Beige cardi:
6. Green cardigan:

7. Black puffer:
8. Light beige puffer:
9. Belted puffer:

10. Khaki cargo pants:
11. Orange cargos:
12. Belted cargos:

13. Denim shirt:
14. White cotton shirt:
15. Navy shirt:

16. Striped cotton tee:
17. White long sleeve top:

18. White trench:
19. Classic trench:
20. Black trench:

21. Tan leather shopper:
22. Black shopper:
23. Panelled shopper:

24. Pleated skirt:
25. Orange pleated skirt:
26. Metallic pleated skirt:
27. Chocolate pleated skirt:

28. Classic denim jacket:
29. Black denim jacket:
Anine Bing denim jacket:


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36 Comments on “Best Budget Fall Fashion Trends To Buy Now | How To Style”

  1. Long sleeve tees have been a staple in my wardrobe since my teens and I’m in my mid 40s now! I live in Los Angeles where it is warm most of the year so it is a go to when there is just a slight chill in the air

    1. @The Style Insider I love The Gap Tee shirts. Good quality a variety of fits and colors at a very affordable price. J Crew has a nice selection of long sleeve Tees as well

    2. @The Style Insider Talbots is a good source as well. I love them for spring and fall in New Mexico when it can be 50 in the morning and 80 at noon,

  2. Thanks for this video Leonie! You made me dream of fresh/cold fall weather! Here in France, like in most of the rest of Europe, we are suffocating, without any drop of rain since…. I can’t remember! So thank you for giving us those “refreshing” images! Can’t help!!!

  3. The trench coat and the denim jacket are key pieces in my wardrobe and I have them in many colors and styles. And I love loafers, especially the chunky ones, as I need the extra height. And I remember I have one pleated skirt, that I have never worn, so I’ll give it a chance this fall…Great video, as always!

  4. I found a great printed denim jacket in the boys department, the girls in my class (won’t say when) always went to the boys department of Bloomingdales as the Levis jeans were considerably cheaper. I got mine for $30.00 compared to $125.00 I also adore a denim Helmut Lang Trucker dress which I also wear as a knee length coat. I loved your idea of getting a denim and cropping it myself! Have a Great and Best Day Ever Naomi!

  5. Hi Leoni. I bought a trench coat this year and I wore it so much before summer hit. It just seems to make a very casual outfit look so much more chic. As for long sleeved t-shirts, they are a must in my wardrobe as I live in a warmer country and thick pullovers are only useful for a few weeks a year. I honestly think denim jackets will never go out of fashion- personally I love wearing mine with my midi and maxi dresses and a slightly fitted jacket also looks great with wide trousers to create a nice balance. 💖🌸

  6. This was excellent. Very interesting to me because I’ve never been a fan of the trench coat and trust me I’ve tried. Last year I thrifted a black one that I thought might work for my body shape and it did. I really liked it because it was water repellent like a raincoat. This summer I found a burgundy colored one that fit me perfectly and was in like new condition and I was so excited it was such a good deal and I can’t wait to wear it this fall. I also love denim jackets. I got a cropped but waist length black one this summer and it’s just so good with dresses. I took an old one that was oversized that was never the right length and cropped it myself. It’s a light denim and now it’s perfection. I have five you could say I’m a collector!

  7. I have a few long sleeve shirts. Great for in between seasons. I especially love the breton style!! A trench coat always looks chic!! So glad you’re on board now. whenver I wear a long pleated skirt, I feel I am ready for anything. I have a knee length denim jacket with a waist tie belt and its a terrific layer for cold weather. Its the variation of the denim jacket that works for me. Again and again I find the classic items that Audrey Hepburn was famous for just always work. Items such as the breton top, white button down shirt, trench coat and loafers!!

  8. Thank you for your take on trends, I am more classic and eclectic than trendy, so I like how you incorporate how wearable and timeless things are. I love when I feel validated by your trend predictions, I just got a couple of pieces that will fit the trends!

  9. The temperatures here have dropped slightly particularly in the mornings and later evening and I found myself reaching initially for a zipped sweat shirt but now it’s more comfy to transition to a 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt. The long sleeve will get its moment in a little while definitely.
    Loved your suggestions except maybe the wider leg cargo pants. Being a petite I think I would feel swamped and I didn’t like how they made the model look in the picture you showed.
    Also the ultra cropped denim jacket on a gal with a decent sized bust- I can’t see it. But the other items looked lovely. To my surprise, before seeing this video 2 days ago I actually thought of popping on my puffer vest going out in the evening for a walk- it was just enough.

  10. Great list. I’ve got most of these already. I love and follow Karen Brit Chick and also love denim jackets! I’ve got 3 shades of blue and 1 in white, lol!😍

  11. Hello Leoni! You Always pick the best fashion pieces! It is amazing how we probably have alot of the same clothes! I do love a long sleeve freanch sailor stripe long sleeve cotton t shirt. I never really liked trench coats until 3 years ago I bought a khaki color double bested one from J. Crew! It really does finish off an outfit. It is a cute look over nice sweatpants! I like to wear a hoodie under the trench so the hood sticks out! Lol! Pleated skirts I have not bought yet but I have been thinking about it.

  12. Thank you for sharing! I like most of the trends except for the chunky loafers and the extra long pants that seems to be cleaning up the sidewalks! 😂 I like long sleeve T-shirts, I find them more versatile than the short sleeve ones! Great video! Have a wonderful day Leonie! 🤗😍

  13. Great stuff thanks Leonie…I love all those pieces you recommended. I love your recommendations for the shoulder seasons as they tend to work for both hemispheres (perhaps not colourwise, but in the actual piece itself, warmth levels etc)
    Leonie, I was looking for the trenchcoat you recently purchased, that you were putting on screen….I wasn’t clear on which one it was…was it the first one pictured after saying you would show it? Thanks, would love to see your choice. I recently thrifted a zara trench from a few seasons back…all the best parts of a trench…lightweight, camel, big pointy collar…..with one point of difference…a red and silver stripe down the arms and sides! Looks great when popping to the grocery store in trackies…just elevates the look!

  14. Yes to loafers 🙌 I finally got Prada ones and yes to long sleeve t shirts. Its great for SF fall/winter . Knits is a must. Also got a denim jacket. Was going to get Prada cropped one, but then decided to get classic length Miu Miu one with crystal buttons😜 i am not getting any puffers, especially cropped ones. I actually just sold my Chanel cropped puffer. Its just makes you too bulky, well unless you dont have wide shoulders, maybe it works, but for SF climate is just not a good fit. The only one i would like is maybe long one with belt🤔 Have a blessed day🙏🧡

  15. I fully embraced chunky loafers recently and the other trend I recently shopped for is bomber jackets. Looking forward to seeing how I feel with loafers with socks, lol I have the classic pieces covered. Steering clear of puffers…

  16. I am fortunate enough to own all of these pieces already. 🙂 Another take on a trench coat is the one I own ( I own a few) in faux suede from Zara . Amazing. Also plan to try out my classic denim jacket as a shirt. ( Saw this on Pinterest) sleeves turned up once, collar popped , and top & bottom button undone. Very cool chic. Thanks for another great video.

  17. I love long sleeve t shirts, they’re so versatile! ☀️ Plus great in summer when you’re hiking, protection from the sun and mosquitoes 😂

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