24 Comments on “Best Beauty channel for women over 40+”

    1. @Gypsy SnickerDoodle
      Sorry your so angry. I have been a holistic master esthetician for almost 4 decades and I own three holistic skin care salons and have helped hundreds of thousands of clients. I get the sense result regardless of skin color , age or issue. I speak from having practical knowledge of skin.
      Be kind it’s very easy to do.
      Have a blessed day Gypsy 🙌🏻🍑Lisa

  1. Nikol you are so AWESOME.❤️. I love your style and sassy attitude sticking up for yourself and all of us over 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 on and on and on💕.

  2. An unbelievable timeless beauty! My mom is a 66 year old fashionista. Since I was a kid I remember watching her get ready and just staring in awe and she would always give me a twirl and ask how do I look? And I always said you look so beautiful mom! And still to this day when I pick her up to go to get lunch or dinner or go shopping, she still gives me a twirl and asks how do I look? And the answer will always be you look so beautiful mom! Classic is timeless. Never settle for trends. Love this!!!

  3. *Please do what I eat in a day/week videos and skincare routines and and morning and night time routines any workout routines i jus wana kno everything ur so inspiring and exquisite pinch me you can’t be real*

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