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0:00 What's This Challenge?
1:13 Italian
2:02 German
2:19 Swedish
3:09 Hindi
4:02 Malay
5:29 Arabic
6:32 Japanese
7:58 Bengali
8:25 German
9:15 Spanish
10:07 Italian
10:33 Arabic
12:41 Hindi
13:50 Malay
14:24 Swedish
15:17 Bengali
16:02 Japanese
16:15 Moment of Truth

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  1. The fact that I am an Indian which means I can speak both Hindi and Bengali, her way of saying is soooo Adorable 😍😍😍😍😍. I just love her

  2. Are you sure? You added the flag of Bangladesh?! I was obsessed with you already but now NoW miss Denny you are loved, respected,adored by me trillion times more. I feel so proud as Bangladeshi 💓 My fav dessert is “Doi” in Bengali which means yogurt

  3. Omg deni, me and my mom just fall in love with your hindi 😂. Danterkudni,😂 tbh in india we mostly use english words, i was also a little surprised by danterkudni🤣
    Love you ❤😘

  4. What you hear at the end of the Arabic words is called « Attenween » or « nunation ». It’s a letter at the end of a noun, which we pronounce, but do not write. But it’s rare to hear it pronounced, since it’s mostly used in formal conversations. So it’s fine if you say it like how it’s wirtten 🥰

  5. For someone who’s not fluent in Arabic you did very well speaking the language, I’m so proud 😭. Also at 11:08 the extra words you were hearing are diacritic marks. For example the letter “t” with diacritic marks would look like this “تَ” which is pronounced as “ta”, “تُ” is pronounced as “to”… etc. They are most commonly used at the end of a word, even if the word is the same, the meaning can drastically change depending on the diacritic mark. They sometimes can be pronounced without being there, that’s why you heard extra letters being pronounced without them being there. I’m very bad at explaining 😅 but hopefully it clears some of the confusion you had.

  6. As a fan of yours from Bangladesh it’s feels so overwhelming when you spoke in Bangla it was absolutely cute I always wish the best for you because you and your videos always make my day better than ever thanks so much for always making all of us smile Deni you’re the best <3

  7. Heyy Deny I am an Arab and you did a great job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 the extra letters are optional and it depends on whether you are speaking formally or informally but we mostly speak without them

  8. That’s illegal. How can a person be so adorable 😍😍every language she speaks sounds so adorable 🙃Yessss I want to watch the challenge of speaking other language . Today you have done a great job so proud of you. And also your international cake looks so ddelicious. I am from BANGLADESH and my favorite dessert is MISHTI DOI …. dessert in bangla is misti.

  9. You’re doing so great in Arabic!! Quick tip: you don’t have to say the “tin” at the end of the words… google translate is just complicating everything lmao

  10. If you wanna say “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream” in arabic… one way to say it (Egyptian) is “ eh el nak-ha el mo-fad-dala leeko fel ice cream?” Hope that’s helpful!!🥰 also spatula in some arabic speaking countries can just be spatula😂

  11. Your Bengali pronunciation was quite good like really good! And egg is dim in our language.. u were absolutely correct… It was fun to hear ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I’m a Bangladeshi and it makes me feel so happy for your efforts in speaking it! Also, the pronunciations were cute lol. You’re so sweet tho! Love 💘 Happy Valentine’s day!

  13. I loved hearing you speak Arabic, you were quite good actually.
    I saw someone explaining the “tin” thing, so I wanted to explain the “ice cream” thing in 12:33 .😂
    In modern standard Arabic ice cream is translated to “buaza” (took the pronunciation from google translate), while in daily used Arabic we normally say ” ‘ayis karim” which is basically the word ice cream but with a slight difference in the pronunciation.

  14. I literally had a heartbreak and was crying like hell. After watching this I am smiling and laughing and giggling and happy. Thankyou Denny! ❤️ You made my day. 😭

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