Answering Questions I’ve Always Avoided…

Answering Questions I've Always Avoided… For all topics addressed, click SHOW MORE!

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-Life Updates
-Airplane change
-Democrat vs Republican/Politics
-Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice
-My weight
-More kids

I really wanted to *ACTUALLY* answer your questions in this video. I shared my true thoughts & opinions on some controversial topics that most people always avoid. Please please please be kind. Everyone has different opinions and that’s the beauty of being human! Please don't start/engage in fights or debates in the comment section. Thank you for watching this video and caring about me & my life even in the slightest bit!! I truly love & appreciate you all❤️❤️❤️



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32 Comments on “Answering Questions I’ve Always Avoided…”

  1. Omgggg yessss pls do more of these. Sometimes we need to realize that youtubers are also human and have their own stories/perspectives on life aside from purchases, being influencers, etc. we love a healthy balance 🤍

  2. We still like you after the video!! (Actually, we love you more b/c we got to learn more about you!) Thank you for the heart-to-heart session today. Appreciate your transparency~

  3. You don’t have to answer anyones personal questions about your life. Love your content but keep your life private… and “mysterious”. Your business is your business.

    1. Omg yes…and in my upbringing..I boldly at 10 or 11 asked my dad what his income was….let’s say after that I learned a valuable’s no one’s business as its also socially inappropriate to ask political views blah blah…the ones that are asking should worry about themselves

    2. OTOH, Shea’s an adult and makes her own decisions about whether to answer questions or not. I, too, think it’s rude to ask most of those things, but it’s totally up to her how she chooses to handle it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. There is nothing more annoying than a fashion/lifestyle influencer trying to preach politics. I appreciate you having opinions and not trying to force them upon us, you shared your views so nicely ❤️

  5. Thank you for your comments about being democratic or republican and for the pro-life vs. pro-choice responses. I am with you in that area. There are some things that I do like and some things that I don’t like on both sides of the issues. Some people may not like that, but it’s the truth. I am so tired of the politics in the country that I’ve kind of stopped listening to a lot of them.

  6. 2 THINGS…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments!!! So many of you totally understand what I’m trying to say and also appreciate my honesty. This makes me really happy. Thank you.

    2. If you get a comment saying you won a giveaway – IT’S A SCAM!!!! Please ignore it & report the account!!!!

    1. It’s not a scam. I just had to send her my visa number and mother’s maiden name to verify and then she’s promising to ship my the prize

  7. Shea, thanks for doing this video. I’ve felt so conflicted over the abortion topic, so to hear someone else say exactly what I’ve been feeling makes me feel less alone. It seems the only ppl who talk about it “have it all figured out.” It makes it feel like I don’t have a safe space to talk it out, because I’ll just get fussed at by someone who “has all the answers.”

    1. @Ashley Koenig Dear Ashley, you are preaching to the choir, so perhaps someone else will hear you. We can only keep trying to be good and compassionate.

    2. Seeing where the replies to your comment have led, is proof why some of us feel we don’t have a safe space to talk. Love to you. You are not alone!

    3. @Vancouver Canadian My apologies and my point exactly, I think sometimes our sentiments that God loves everyone can be quite vague and really confuse people, leading them astray into thinking they can continue on just as they are. I thought it was best to put the gospel out there for those who are confused or lost so they know that yes, God does love them as they are, but does not want them to stay that way. He’s in the business of transformation and sanctification 🙂

  8. I’m right there with you, stuck in the middle on the right and left side. It’s hard to be a free thinking person and pick a political side.

  9. Yay!! Perfect timing as I was just running out to run an errand and this was a perfect one to listen to in the car! Love this Shea and how open you are. You and Josh have made such wise decisions and you deserve all the benefits of those decisions! 😘😘

  10. Your honesty is so refreshing! You don’t need to answer anything that makes you uncomfortable! Some people don’t have a filter, and will ask inappropriate questions.

  11. Wow you did a great job at answering these questions! I love how you aren’t so black and white because honestly nothing is! Politics is a big one. Like how can someone say I am 100% this or that… thanks for your honesty❤️

  12. One of the most difficult things to do these days is to not be on one side of things. People want us to have a side, to be either pro-life or pro-choice, democrat or republican. The middle ground and the ability to pend to one side or the other depending on the circumstances is gold. Being on the fence is the hardest way to find balance, so much easier to have your feet on the ground and be blind to what’s on the other side…

  13. This was so fun to watch you are so sweet and I find it hilarious how nervous it made you but I can totally understand. No matter what somebody believes or how they live their life someone is always there to judge and I think it’s so sad. We live in a world of such division it’s very unfortunate but we need to stay true to who we are! 💗🙌🏻

  14. I’ve been in the middle for a very long time, being in between republican and democrat, being told to “choose a side”. I have my beliefs, which align more on the right side if you will. I wish there wasn’t a divide in this country, people are losing friends, family, supporters, etc over this. I agree it’s not like it was a decade ago.

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