9 Ways You’re Looking FRUMPY! *how to fix*

9 Ways You’re Looking FRUMPY! *how to fix* Everything linked below!!

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MY AMAZON STOREFRONT: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sheawhitney
(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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37 Comments on “9 Ways You’re Looking FRUMPY! *how to fix*”

  1. I think it’s more how these are worn. I saw the cutest Christmas sweater on a girl close to the last one you showed and she had it styled nicely and she looked well put together. She didn’t look frumpy at all. I understand not liking these things and many I don’t either, but I truly think it’s more on how the items are worn. Happy holidays to you!🎄

    1. @Esmerelda Pinchon And possibly your age range or income level? I can see Christmas sweaters being considered a big no by younger people or upper middle class. When you’re 60 and solid middle America, I don’t think that most people are going to judge you harshly. If a 20 year old holds you in contempt for it, oh, well! We think the same about a lot of their clothes.

    2. @Brenda Harding My point was that there will be many things people don’t like, but that doesn’t mean that the person wearing whatever that may be looks frumpy in it. Looking frumpy and not liking a certain style are two different things. 🙂

    3. @E Dennis Not true from my experience. I know upper class girls and women that wear them for fun. I think what’s important is to remember this is one person’s opinion and it’s fun watching, but most people will do what they want regarding what they wear, what makes them happy. That’s all that matters. Many of the item’s Shea mentions are things she doesn’t like and that’s fine, but not everyone will agree on all the items and they shouldn’t. We all need to do what we love and feel best in. Life’s too short to worry about what others think anyway. 💜

  2. I really wish you could focus a video or two on us plus size girls. Everything looks good on the skinny girls. So many fashion items aren’t available over 10-12 area. Hench why so many are frumpy. There are very few plus size current items. Thanks

    1. How would someone who is a size 0 or 2 possibly know what is flattering on a plus size woman? There are so many plus size influencers on the internet, maybe go to someone who can relate and has true knowledge of the subject.

    2. Shea talks about what she knows. A woman who has never been fat can’t even imagine what the challenges are because she has no experience, unless, perhaps, she has training for that specialty. I used to be a size 4 thirty years ago and now I’m a size 22, and I can tell you that as a skinny young woman, I had no idea what it was like to dress a fat body. Don’t be so lazy and expect one youtuber to fulfill all of your expectations; do searches for the kind of videos that you desire.

    1. @Shea Whitney Hey Shea! I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a really long time now, I really love you!! please can you help me with $50 so I can get something nice for Christmas, things have been rough for me🙏❤

  3. Few things make me feel more frumpy than oversized prints in contrasting tones or poorly placed pants pockets. For some odd reason I still have a few of these items kicking around but whenever I wear them, I feel much older than I am. I find dressing in my mid 30’s trickier than I expected it to be because so many items feel too mature or too juvenile.

  4. Wow! I actually wore a shirt yesterday with ties both at the waist and and the cuff and I got several compliments because people thought the top was cute. I don’t think I looked a frumpy mess.

    1. Wear the seasonal jewelry or tops, own it. My mom is a retired teacher, a lot of times they called on to wear Green Bay Packer merchandise to show support for the team. She would wear holiday jewelry to show some holiday spirit. So do what works for you, fashion is about displaying your personality.

  5. Hi Shea! The seasonal sweaters/Jewelry are a MUST for an elementary school teacher! I used to be so excited to see my Kindergarten teacher wear pumpkin earrings😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I agree 🙂 dorky sweaters & earrings are a MUST for us elementary teachers but then it all gets put away when it’s time to be an adult again 😂

  6. I love Christmas sweaters! They used to be less absurd than they are now. I have two crazy ones and two understated ones and I wear them appropriately. I also wear seasonal earrings but only for fun. Otherwise I basically try to keep it casual and classic

  7. Can you do more “don’t wear this, wear this instead” videos? I love the don’t wear holiday-themed clothes but wear colors that represent the season/holiday instead 🤯

  8. I have three Christmas sweaters,a Christmas vest, earrings, necklace and three hair clips….all for Christmas. I am a nursing assistant and I love wearing these. My co workers and the residents love them.

  9. I have knitted Santa hat earrings I bought at a craft show about 15 years ago that I pull out just after Thanksgiving and wear almost daily till Christmas. Every day, every year, I get complements. (I wish the person who made them knew how much I’ve enjoyed them!) Not tacky or frumpy…just fun

  10. Tacky ugly Christmas sweaters were really out a few years ago and only worn by grandmas etc but I’ve noticed they have become a “thing” many of the young stylish women wear tongue in cheek to casual Christmas parties and events but not to serious parties etc. where dressing up is the dress code.

  11. This is EXACTLY how I felt when I was your age. I’m now 58 and I’ve given up my stylish non supportive shoes for those that provide needed support. BTW…my current shoes cost MUCH, MUCH more now. And. I. Love. Them.

  12. Thank you Shea! Unfortunately I do have a couple of those looks! Makes me want to go through my closet and get rid of them. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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