9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! *how to fix*

9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! Everything is linked below!

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36 Comments on “9 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance! *how to fix*”

  1. Just so you know, I wouldn’t have seen the lipstick if you hadn’t pointed it out. It’s great to know you are as “real” as the rest of us lol.

  2. I love the peekaboo cut out the tops they look sexy nothing wrong with them …what you didn’t talk about is people’s false nails that look absolutely chunky cut offs , to long and too much stuff on them that they’re not natural. that’s one thing you didn’t talk about and I agree with you about all the false eyelashes and all the crap that people put on their face. you have beautiful skin and you don’t even need make up when I was your age I just use a Ajojoba oil on my face and mascara and lipstick and you don’t need all that crap on your face either..your beautiful and will save your clothes

  3. I love these videos. You are like our sister, or a true best friend, who will tell you what you are doing wrong, and what looks bad. And whether you like it or not, you need people like thus in your life.

  4. Haha I love the cutout tops/cold shoulder tops and thought you looked cute in that sweater, but to each their own. As for the concealer trend, I use a ton of concealer because of dark under eyes but don’t go too bright. I agree – that trend looks odd.

  5. Hi Shea! You mentioned in your last video that you did your nails at home. I would love and appreciate a tutorial on how you achieved these fantastic results, along with the products you used. Have a nice day!

  6. I’ve had my top lip injected twice in my life. IF it migrates above or outside of the lip line it’s bc the injector is not injecting it in the right spots , it’s all in the technique & how good the injector is. But also I’ve been told ppl who get too much filler esp over and over it can migrate out of the lip line bc it has no where else to go.

  7. Shea.. You are my inspiration!!! You nailed everything that I’ve been thinking. Shoulder cut outs.., TERRIBLE ( in my opinion) and the light concealer… agree! Actually all of it!
    Thanks for your videos, they always make me smile!

  8. I have never ever liked the “cold shoulder” shirt trend. Yet to see one I think looks good. I think off the shoulder shirts can look good but just the shoulder cut out, looks weird.

    And fillers. Period. I am a fan of plastic surgery. I think if it makes you feel beautiful, do it but over doing fillers makes you look worse(in my opinion). As a nurse, I have seen 20 year olds with so much filler that they look older which I don’t think is the point 🤔
    If you wanna do it, do it! Just be careful because it is sooo obvious 😉

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  9. I recently purchased Paradise mascara by L’oreal. I just love it!!! The fullest my lashes have ever looked. Lengthens and thickens! Your lashes would look amazing! You should give it a try!! BTW I love your channel! Love your quirkiness and interesting opinions!

  10. Glad you touched on lip fillers and eye lash extensions. It amazes me when I see these youtube influencer think the lip filler and I’m thinking it looks odd, lumpy and causes distortion… weird. They seem to be more obsessed and then do more

  11. I agree with the fact that we need to go more towards natural looking makeup that enhances. I was actually just thinking about this a day or two ago and I think we are beginning to forget what we naturally look like.

    1. I’m 35 and I feel like this is what make up used to be about, enhancing your natural features. Women used to wear only lipstick, eye liner or mascara at least in France (where I grew up). Almost no full face make up. Now, it’s all about transforming the face. It probably has to do with the fact that before regular people could just buy a few things like mascara, eye shadow, foundation,…. Now they have access to more professional stuff. The cosmetic industry definitely did a great job in making us think that we need so many products, especially for our complexion.
      Just my 2 cents!

    2. I just had a birthday and I’m sixty+. I have always worn concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara and lipstick or gloss. It used to make my high school bestie so mad because she wore only a little blush, mascara and lipstick or gloss but her boyfriend would tell her he thought she should wear less makeup to look more natural like me. It’s entirely possible to wear a full face of makeup and not look “made up” – just “better”. Usually, the trick is to take the trends and dial them waaay back so they’re just a tiny, nearly imperceptible change from your natural face. It keeps you looking current, but still natural.

  12. Yes! Wearing the correct bra/panties under clothing is a must! They must fit your body correctly and be the right color for your complexion/outfit.

    Makeup on tops… All women should get a free pass on that one! Setting powers/sprays and such don’t work on me. This is part of the reason I don’t wear white blouses much. Won’t even talk about wearing makeup on 90 degree plus days!

    Fyi…. It was your gorgeous hair that caused the lippy to land on your face. Me? I have short hair and no excuse! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Tarantulas for eyelashes…. I hate them! And it makes no sense to have them on but not wear makeup. It’s like wearing Louboutins with a cheap jogging suit.

    Lastly… Good quality doesn’t always have to be expensive and expensive doesn’t always equal good quality. I’ve worn comfy no named shoes. The shoes that almost put me in the hospital were Stuart Weitzman’s ($250 shoes!!!!)

  13. I was nodding in agreement as I watched this but the lash extensions that are so thick look to me like someone dyed ASTRO turf black and applied strips of it to their eyes. That said, we’ve all made many blunders and I throw no shade on anyone. XXOO ❤️

  14. Love these videos! Thank you for keeping it real! Love natural looking makeup and I’m not a big fan of the big lash extensions. It’s just my Artistry mascara for me, that’s all I need! Also love the fact that you mentioned the eyebrow trend going on. Not a fan of the (I call them fluffy) brows but they can look good on other people, just not me. 😂

    1. Thanks for watching and showing love.
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  15. SCAM ALERT!🚨If you get a comment that looks like it’s from me saying you won a giveaway, please ignore & REPORT! They are trying to trick you into sending them money!! I’ve reported these scammers countless times, but they just keep making new accounts. The only comments from me have the verified checkmark beside my name! So sorry this keeps happening🙁❤️

  16. I’m soooo glad you mentioned eyelash extensions! Some of them look so ridiculous. You’re not supposed to know someone had eyelash extensions however they are sometimes done so heavy and unnatural that they have the opposite effect of making the eyes look small and heavy instead of open and large

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