9 *Clever* Ways to INSTANTLY Look Taller & Slimmer!

9 Clever Ways to INSTANTLY Look Taller! Everything is linked below!

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37 Comments on “9 *Clever* Ways to INSTANTLY Look Taller & Slimmer!”

  1. I’m 5’2” and I never pay attention to the tricks of the trade because I’m happy😁BUT sometimes in group photos it would be nice not to look the size of a child LOL🤣
    (It’s just my friends tend to be pretty tall😝)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Another great video that can be incorporated into everyday life and yes, most suggestions are already in my wardrobe!! Thank you Shea!! Love your style tips!

  3. You can also use hair ties or something similar (I use clear ones) to make a long shirt shorter or a baggy shirt tighter. That can bring your shirt area from 1/2 to 1/3 making your leg area 2/3 of your body.

    1. Thanks for watching and leaving a comment 👆👆
      You have been selected among some of my lucky winners on my giveaway message me on telegram and claim price 🎁🎁✌️

  4. Good info and tips. A few things I do differently based on my body shape. I’m a busty gal and have to be careful with vertical stripes on the top. The vertical strips go wonky in a very unflattering way in my bust area. Horizontal stripes are better for me but you are right in saying they won’t make you look taller. I have a short rather wide neck and turtlenecks make me look like an actual turtle trying to get back in my shell. Not tall at all. Actually quite dumpy. If you have a normal neck then yes turtlenecks are very flattering and elongating. Wish I could wear them. I frequently use column dressing mostly in cream or black. I always feel chic dressing that way. And taller. Great video as usual.❤

  5. There was a time in early 2000’s Like Britney Spears era, where it was sooooo hard to find high waisted pants… I love wearing these and I see that low rise are coming back 😢 but I hope that high waisted pants don’t disappear 🫠

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