8 WAYS TO INSTANTLY LOOK PRETTIER! My ‘Instant Ways to Look More Attractive/How To Look Attractive’ video was such a hit – I decided to follow up with a ‘How To Look More Pretty’ version! Looks are 100% NOT EVERYTHING…these are purely some instant tips & tricks on how to make yourself look and feel better. I hope you enjoy!! 🙂

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    1. I wouldn’t recommend the suction thingy because it’s really not good for your skin if you want help with you skin then go to Hyram’s channel but I do like your videos Shea🥺

  1. I just wanted to give a little information about your “whiter eyes” tip. I am an ophthalmic technician, and I work in an office with a doctor that specializes in Dry Eye Syndrome. We recommend a TON of different brands of over-the-counter eye drops to patients. But, the one drop we tell patients to avoid is Visine. Most people take it to make their eyes look whiter, because it essentially “shrinks” the blood vessels covering that area. It does NOT nourish or soothe your eyes, or take away the feeling of dryness, because it’s not for dry eye. It can also have a “rebound redness” effect, if used too often, because your eyes become almost “addicted” to the drops. If you want your eyes to feel less dry, you want to use a lubricating eye drop. But, for the effect you are talking about in the video, you would be looking to use a product like Visine – but it should be used VERY sparingly, if at all.

    1. Goodness, I’m all about looking better, however not inaccurate info!! Visine trials and studies are anti, long term use! This product and similar, will give RED not WHITE eyes when used long term. How attractive (not)

  2. my self esteem died when i found out my crush is in love with my bestie, so i’m attempting to help myself. wish me luck.

    1 like, 5 squats a day. 😔

    edit: changed it so i have a challenge 😀 thank you guys for your support, i love you guys so much and i hope life treats you amazingly 😭💙

    edit 2: HOLY MOLY— okay i’ve lost 10 lbs so far, and bro, 100+ likes… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED my legs are ready >:D

    edit 3: oh my goodness over 230 likes! i’ve lost 16lbs so far, you guys are so supportive i love you guys.

    edit 4: i’m S H O O K i lost 27.3 LBS!!! thank you for all your support, i’m now in summer and going hiking and starting a new diet!
    last edit, 2020: hey guys 🙂 i weight 124.6 lbs, i was really over weight when i first made this post, but i’m better now, healthier. guys trust me, exercise and eat healthier 🥺

  3. 1. Put eyeshadow on the sparse area of your hair
    2. Whiten your eyes – hydrate, get more sleep, use eye drops
    3. Exfoliate your skin + product placement
    4. Use essential oils + product placement
    5. Use castor oil for your eye lashes
    6. Enhance your lips using make up
    7. Don’t wear head-to-toe oversized clothes
    8. Smile

    1. crystal dahmer 😂Same! Take me back to my 20s-30s!
      Here are my tips:
      Have good posture
      Speak with proper grammar
      Stay funny and positive
      Stay flexible; physically and mentally

    2. Men like women who look like women. Men generally can’t see beyond the outlines of your clothing; they really assume that you’re shaped like that! It sounds crazy, but it’s true. A lot of women don’t find this out until after they’re married and their man doesn’t have to hide what he thinks any more.

    1. Comparision to other people makes no sense. We are each a unique creation, a special beloved masterpiece of God, with our own unrepeatable beauty, fingerprints, gifts and callings. No one can do what we do, or display our own unique beauty. So to compare anyone’s appearance or gift with ours is like comparing the sun with the moon… they are both beautiful, needed and different. Be inspired… that is why God put you here at this moment in history to let your unique, beautiful light shine… to reflect a unique facet of the personality of God, a gorgeous multifaceted diamond!

    1. I have scoliosis for many years. I’ve been to few chiropractors but it didn’t works well. What I did I does exercise everyday for the first few months 20 mins. to 30mins. I use Hanamilly youtube exercises it helos a lot.

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