8 Things Women Should STOP Saying…you sound stupid.

8 Things Women Should STOP Saying…because you sound stupid. Hahaha, this is all in good fun & entertainment!! And let's be honest, I sound stupid ALL THE TIME!! For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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42 Comments on “8 Things Women Should STOP Saying…you sound stupid.”

  1. I’m so glad you did this video! I completely agree. Your sharing this helps us to be more mindful. I don’t consider it negative at all. It’s educational and helpful.

  2. Shea I’m feeling pretty good about not saying most of these. Maybe because I’m older. The few I do say I’ll try to stop. I’m glad you brought these up. I feel most people don’t realize how often these are spoken!

  3. If someone says, “no offense” to me, and I feel offended, I’ve decided to hit them back with another phrase- “some taken.” Haha That way they know that I was offended. 😂

    1. Not a bad idea! It’s light-hearted enough not to make you look prickly, but maybe also makes the person stop and see what they’re doing. Probably not… 😂

  4. ‘I could care less’ has been a pet peeve of mine ever since I thought about the fact that it’s saying exactly opposite of what the person means 😆

  5. I never say “X gives me anxiety”, but Shea, anxiety is a feeling. Is a natural emotion all of us feel, it’s the meaning of the word. So I don’t think when someone says “X gives me anxiety” they mean an anxiety disorder, they just mean it makes they feel anxious. I don’t have a anxiety disorder and there are plenty of things that can make me anxious, like performance reviews at work.
    I just think the wording of it is weird because I would say “this makes me anxious” instead

    1. I agree. I feel like people mean to say this makes me feel anxious versus triggers my anxiety. I have anxiety disorder. And I still get anxious about things, but it’s not the same as when I have an anxiety attack. Very different.

    2. I have anxiety that can end me up in a hospital. At work, for example, there could be conversations or instances where I am asked to speak in front of a large group, that can make my heart palpitations go upto 195-200. So to avoid that, I do say , “ I don’t want to talk about this right now as it’s giving my anxiety”. It does help me so I do use that phrase to avoid getting sick on situations or conversations I can’t avoid. Otherwise, I keep it to myself.

    3. Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder are not the same. Yes, people do feel anxious over certain things, but get over them quickly. When you suffer from Anxiety Disorder or have an anxiety attack, you can not get on with your normal life and sometimes need medication and therapy to overcome it

    4. I do suffer from an GAD, I have my whole life. And I actually don’t mind at all when people say this, I don’t want other to be suffering but it kind of makes me feel less alone in my anxiety when others say they feel it too.

  6. Yesssss “to be honest!” – I say the exact same thing to my fiancé who says that all the time, we’re you not honest before?! Thanks for another great video! 💓

  7. Someone mentioned “No problem” – I have a problem with this one. And for me, the worst of the worst…”I seen!” It’s “I had/have seen!” or “I saw.” This one kills me every time!

  8. This video is so good! Many of these come down to just being more empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Sometimes that comes with maturity.

  9. “It is what it is” is much better and quicker than me saying “that’s the way it is so get over it”… I’m not going to stop saying this when applicable. I wish people wouldn’t say they’re “triggered”, “OCD”, or calling folks “Bipolar”….you guys know why.

    1. We can’t control everything, somethings we have to just accept and make the best out of the situation so… It is what it is 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  10. Such a wonderful talk Shea! Needed for sure! And you aren’t being offensive just instructive with your advice. We all want to be classier women and this helps!
    Go for it don’t worry 😉 also may I add two words that make me cringe… it’s when say “suck” and “pissed” …. I feel like I’m on a pirate ship with men with no manners….eek!!! An lovely lady I think should elevate their slang to something less base. Just my opinion 😄

  11. Totally agree with that anxiety one! It also goes for “I’m so depressed” or things like that, I feel like in general we use these words quite lightly without understanding the weight they have!

  12. I think this was a great video! You’re allowed to voice your opinions and you brought up some good points. I’m sure many people will think twice before using some of these phrases again. My most hated word, that I don’t even think is a word, is “irregardless”. Whenever someone says it, I always stop them and say, “no, regardless” and I probably make some people angry but I had an amazing English teacher throughout high school, and that was always his response when someone said “irregardless”. Plus I’m a huge grammar buff and a stickler for using words the correct way. And hopefully, that keeps me from sounding dumb when talking to people. I correct my kids all the time and now my 10 year old daughter corrects my 7 year old son too. It’s the only way they’ll learn to say things correctly, and they’re young, so they are still learning.

  13. There’s a Weird Al song called Word Crimes that I think you’d love. The one that always stood out to me is I could care less… that means you do care, at least a little 🥴

    1. It always surprises me when people say “I could care less”, I am not even a native English speaker and is so obvious to me that the correct expression is “I couldn’t care less”

  14. “I’m obsessed ” over something you like. Everyone on YouTube & IG says way too much. Just say you like/love it & use appropriate adjectives to describe just how much.

  15. My newest one, and I hear this a LOT on social media, is “It just isn’t that deep.” This phrase drives me absolutely crazy. It reads and feels dismissive, invalidates feelings across the board, and puts a stop to the conversation with an added twist of….if you have an opinion about something you are the one that is in the minority AND your thinking is wrong. I put it in my cringe worthy list of sayings and cringe 😬 when I hear it. 💗

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