8 Outfits That Are Out Of Style & What To Wear Instead | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023

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8 Outfits That Are Out Of Style & What To Wear Instead | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023
Ok these videos are always going to divide everyone and that makes perfect sense. After we don't all like wearing same things (luckily) but I wanted to feature some fashion trends that I've noticed are waning and instead of just leaving you hanging I've also included some items that may be a little more modern. Anyway, today's episode is inspired by a similar video I watched over on Shea Whitney's channel so shout out to Shea for the idea. I love a little debate so please share what you think of these fashion dos and dont's in the comments below and I'll see you in the next one.

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29 Comments on “8 Outfits That Are Out Of Style & What To Wear Instead | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023”

  1. I used to subsribe to Shea but not any more because her “in and out of style” analysis is often unsustainable (e.g. she called ballet flats out of style and recommended the “trendier” option which imo won’t last more than a season…). To each their own, she’s fun to watch. I much prefer your interpretation because you consider different factors like what is more wearable for what circumstances, what may last longer etc 😊😊xx

    1. She’s has said so much nonsense, with no research. When she tried to promote Native antiperspirant saying that the natural crystal deodorant contains aluminum Because of the word alum describing it , I unsubscribed immediately ( alum= salt in chemistry).

    1. Absolutely! Besides this, please let everybody choose what they would like to wear! Too much lectures and judgements in the world! Hellen from the Netherlands.

  2. Not a fan of animal prints, so no loss there. But I will keep wearing my leather blazer because I think it will always be classic. I’ve debated getting a moto jacket and just never have. I feel like if I do it will go out of style 😂. Other than that I agree with you on these trends

    1. Same! I’m still wearing my big statement necklaces and get compliments all the time! People love eye catching jewelry but often don’t know how to style it.

  3. Great video presentation. I don’t like puffy sleeves that large so I’m glad it’s not on trend. Nor platform heels. Funny because I just listened to another fashion video that said animal print was on trend for Spring. Either way I like to occasionally add an animal print belt to a solid outfit or shoe.

  4. I share some of your information on what is going on with fashion, I just wear what makes me feel comfortable, and always look in a full mirror before I am out the door! I think fashion is a personality thing, some people like to wear modern minimalist outfits and some others want to express themselves in their fancy outfits! Personally I like mixing things up, modern with vintage! We have a space for everyone in our world! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated! Have a wonderful day Leonie! Hugs from Canada! 🤗🇨🇦

  5. Great tips Leonie! For me personally I’m agreeing to disagree 🤣 I’ve never been a fan of denim maxi skirts as they look too heavy & awkward & have always preferred maxis with a split somewhere as they are more comfortable & wearable. I think long pendants look great with deep-v tops (ie:karenbritchick) however i can see how some may think it’s too much. Love button down shirts but crop tops are a staple in my wardrobe aswell (workouts, beach, nights out, etc). Love your videos 💖

  6. I agree on all of these. I only buy classic, high-quality items that I know will stand the test of time. The last thing I want is a new, trendy wardrobe every year, and it isn’t sustainable. I’m not actually a fan of Shea, it seems to me that she will sell anything to support her luxury lifestyle, like their private plane, and she has very odd opinions. For example, she said a few years ago that “ribbed knits look cheap”. They don’t and they have been everywhere in luxury brands as well as high street ones.

    1. I remember Shea and the comment about ribbed knits. Totally did not agree with her assessment. Ribbed knits come and go, but they are a true classic. I have many ribbed knit sweaters, everything from turtlenecks to v-necks, that will remain in my closet for years to come.

  7. I still like animal prints, I think they’ve become classic now. I did resist them for more than 20 years, but I now think they can look classy, but only in natural, neutral animal-fur colors. I never liked them in crazy colors like purple or green. I just got a silk animal print skirt and will be wearing it a lot when the weather warms up a bit. I think they are much nicer than those neon lime and orange colors, and novelty prints, that designers are pushing for spring. I hope that this summer we get more sophisticated, adult choices than all those puffed-sleeved, tiered, ruffled floral prairie dresses of last summer.

  8. Agree with most of these! I have been eyeing a cut out top for a year or so, and while I think it would look killer (and is one of the FEW you can actually wear a regular bra with!! – A must for me), I never jumped because I felt like the fabric wouldn’t last and it wouldn’t be worth the price…

  9. For me I love the idea of wearing a bottom down shirt than a crop top and I agree with leopard print. I think most of the time it doesn’t look elegant. It’s time to give leopard print it a break.😊

  10. Seriously, it’s all about the styling, the proportions, and quality. Changing up your wardrobe is fine, but don’t discard something and buy something else just because it’s on trend. I am in my 70’s, so I have been following trends for a very long time! Figure out what looks good on you, how you’re going to style it, and wear it, no matter what happens to be in style. Overconsumption is out of control.

  11. Fabulous video! I agree 100% with everything. I never purchased the platforms. I grew up in the 70’s so these were nothing new to me. I tried on the Valentino gorgeous boots but at 68 I didn’t want to fall off my shoes. But they are gorgeous. I don’t like cutouts it is hard to wear a bra. I gave up my puffy sleeves 2 summers ago. My daughter always say I am a fashion forecaster lol. I gave up leopard a while ago. With my short cropped bleached hair leopard can tend to be too much. I just purchased a gorgeous moto jacket… waiting for it to come… from the Frankie Shop gorgeous clothes. Slits are not it for me. I particularly hate when the slits in the front. My legs are bigger than the rest of me so the high front slit is a no. I always wear a maxi and a long midi. Which is not hard since i am 5’4. I like edgy classic styles. If that makes sense but as I said the hair always leans me towards toning things down. Great to see you model outfits as you are do gorgeous. I never hear of this brand but will check them out! Hugs xoxo

  12. I will always love my leopard print, but prefer it in the details: A small bag, shoes or a little silk scarf. Mixed with denim, leather and edgy boots, it’s just a quintessential element to my slightly rock-chic 70s style 🙂 but I do love metallic leather, too! Have my eye on a metallic silver western ankle boot 😉

  13. Thank you for the style tips. I have a few disagreements, I’m afraid. I love the puff-sleeve shirt trend, which works for me. However, I also like pairing something feminine with something edgier to extend the life of the piece. Also, I live in a tropical climate. So having a maxi skirt with a long slit is practical and makes sense for my lifestyle. I just bought a Black leather moto jacket and absolutely love it.

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