Here are 8 INSTANT WAYS TO LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVE! These tips and tricks will instantly make you look and feel more attractive, pretty, beautiful, and confident. *Beauty is NOT the most important thing!* BUT – we all love to look and feel our best – so I hope these tips and tricks to looking more “attractive” are helpful! 🙂




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    1. @yusra naz brush your tongue too, after your teeth but wash you toothbrush thoroughly inbetween. also mouthwash and floss. if you wanna check you breath by yourself just drag a spoon across your tongue, wait for it to dry and yeah… y’know,,, s m e l l it

    2. Dada Selimovic this must be some magic trick because I do this every single morning off the week and my breath is already back to normal by lunch. Even with flossing and brushing your tounge 😭

    3. @Em Lands you must have food acumulate on the back of your tongue, some people do not realized that, and they brush , floss and still have bad breath, is because of that, sometimes the dentis take out that particules of food that acumulate on the back or you can do it yourself. Youtube have a lot videos about that…

    4. True. Sometimes when i go in the train i can smell that terrible bad breath, even if they are not talking. Is so disgusting. They should have gum in their packets of brush their teeth in their jobs, is just gross, sometimes i have to change my seat, i do not want to breathe any fucking disgusting breath, this thing really bother me….

    5. yusra naz are you brushing ur younger make sure you brush it good because that’s usally where the smell comes from also make sure you get behind there

  1. Why do vloggers always apologize for the content of their videos? It’s YOUR vlog. You don’t need to put disclaimers in and just stand by your material. If people are that damn sensitive, they can click on a different kind of channel.

    1. I literally cut my eyelashes when I was about 3 or 4.
      (Don’t ask how I didn’t poke my eyes out. I still don’t know and I’m mad. My cousins would always tell me I have long lashes. After I cut them, they really never complemented me lol)

    1. @ɮʟǟƈӄ ǟռɖ աɦɨȶɛ ąìղէ ƈօʟօʀֆ try to prevent shampoo or conditioner from touching your back. It really causes acne. I’m speaking this from experience lol
      Or it might be because you don’t shower as often as your body is trying to tell you to. Or it could be the opposite. You could be showering too many times per (day, week etc..)
      Either way, most times with body acne it is because of bodily oil or oil from conditioner and shampoo.
      Also, check your diet. You might be eating a lot of sugar or greasy food that can cause body acne

    2. @neomulonely chimchim thanks its prob cuz i bathe too much, i eat fruits and veggies whenever i can and i bring my hair to the front when i wash it

    1. I’m watching this, because I have a boyfriend, who tells me that I am pretty, but don’t think I am, so I’m trying to have some confidence in me by trying to look more attractive, so I would like myself too and my boyfriend would think I’m even prettier

    1. @ja ja ja how is that sad? Just saying, people don’t wear it because they’re forced or something, they wear it from the heart and if it’s making u miserable then thats not islam..
      I don’t wear the hijab yet but I will soon! Insha allah! I’m too happy and excited ! There is no reason to be ashamed of wearing the hijab. We’re in a world with people who may not accept us but we all have god(allah).

  2. The points she mentioned-

    •wear nude heels
    •fill in your eyebrows
    •show off your neckline(decoltage)
    •when u put your hair down it’s looks more attractive but if you’re gonna put if up them make sure to make the area behind your neck tight.
    •have a signature lipstick

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