8 Best Exercises To Shrink Stomach Fat Fast

Here are 8 of the best exercises you can do at home if you want to get a flat stomach and shrink belly fat fast:

1. Leg Drops
2. Reverse Crunches
3. Knee Tuck Crunches
4. Russian Twists
5. Reach Through
6. Heel Touches
7. Single Leg Jacknife
8. Plank

All these exercises are body-weight and are very effective in toning your ab muscles and burning the fat around them.

This workout routine contains all of them for your convenience, and you can do them all in one go. If you do do it, make sure you complete this routine EVERYDAY for 3-4 weeks if you want to really have good results!

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Let's start the workout program and leave me a comment below with your questions and your workout suggestions!

Good luck and much love to you 💪❤️

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  1. I highly recommend this work out. My waist is 28 but after a few weeks of following this work out and decreasing the amount of calories i take everyday it really works. You can clearly see the progress as the weeks pass by. My waistline is now 24 thank you so much for this video💛

  2. This workout is amazingly challenging but very effective.
    I’m sticking to it for the next 21 days, no excuses. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. That’s the spirit, Ruthmeli!! You got this! Just keep going, keep exercising, and stay focused – don’t give up! Good luck!❤️💪

    1. Glad you enjoyed and made use of the rest time, Dade! Hope you enjoyed the workout just as much! Good luck and keep exercising everyday❤️💪

    2. @Roberta’s Gym Thank you. I’m certainly going to try. I’m currently a fit 120 pounds (5’8, 42yrs old) but I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I have this annoying stomach issue, due to what I believe is weakened stomach muscles from years of alcohol. No matter what I do, I can’t get this little bulge to go away. If I lean back, the bulge sinks and I look cut again, but when I stand upright again, this extra pocket of mass pushes out and I really don’t understand it. Maybe it’s water weight. Maybe it’s weakened muscles. Doctor’s aren’t giving me any answers either. They just keep charging me obscene prices for tests that tell me nothing. So I figure I’m just going to work the stomach hard every day for a good month or two and see if that does anything. I’m in great physical shape otherwise. A photo of me shirtless and not flexing now looks like someone photoshopped a little pudge tummy on me and it is just infuriating me that it won’t go away.

    3. I liked it too. I will take this workout as the basis for a new video on my channel, where I collect the best workouts into playlists and visualize them in my videos

  3. Yesterday was my first day trying this work out and I already feel my stomach hurt and I was excited so when I got home from work today I jump right into it. Thank you for the video.

    1. This is wonderful, • h e l l o • ! Thank you for sharing your experience. So happy to know that you are seeing results in this workout. Keep exercising to see more results and maintain your weight loss achievement. Good luck and Happy workout!💪

    2. @Roberta’s Gym I’ve been slacking a bit on your workouts, but still exercising overall. Today I’m back on it! Between work and studying, I get super busy, but fitness is a priority, and your workouts are my new favorite! 😊

  4. Been doing this for about 3months now , and the result is incredible.From 57-50kg, waistline 28-25 and for more effectiveness you can use sweat belt too/corset.This is so helpful esp. for the post pregnancy body🔥Thank you so much🤧❤️

    1. Awesome job, Kathlene Ondong! So happy to know that you are seeing results in this workout. Keep exercising to see more results and maintain your weight loss achievement. Good luck and Happy workout!💪

  5. I’ve lost 5 stone the last few years and I’ve just added this into my workout routine. It’s quite tough but I’m really enjoying it and going to keep doing it til I’m where I want to be 🙂

    1. Great job,Nathan McCarthy! I am glad to know that you decided to start doing the workout. Feel free to share your progress here. We can’t wait to hear more progress and your results after you do this work out. Keep going and keep exercising. See you here again tomorrow! Good luck and Happy workout! 💪

    1. Great job, claire-35! Just continue what you have started and I am sure that you will achieve your fitness goal. Just stay focused and disciplined. Have fun exercising and I’ll see you here again tomorrow. Good luck!💪

    2. @Maria i did one set for 2 days but later i did try 2 sets or at least 1 1/2 sets (like if the counting is 20 then i do 30 or double it)… its hard.. I can’t see physically the improvement after 5 days but I feel much lighter than before… 😊 But I do not rely on these excercise alone, I cut my calories intake also especially rice and sweets 😁

  6. I have been doing this for maybe 4 or 3 days with 2 other exercises, and I am happy to say that today I finally noticed a change in my belly. Of course it isn’t a big difference but it’s definitely an A+ for only 3-4 days!

    EDIT #1 – Remember you can’t target belly fat. In order to lose fat somewhere you have to work your entire body. Full body workouts are great if you don’t go to the gym. I also recommend going for walks or running for at least 10-30 minutes a day. Don’t expect to get results fast, it took me 3 weeks to see slight results doing different workouts, but I have been working out for over 3 months now and my body definitely toned up! I am still struggling to lose body fat % because of my eating disorder but I am working on it.

    EDIT #2 – Just a reminder to do workouts you enjoy and eat healthier! Make colorful food with more veggies and fruits. Don’t stress about food or workouts, I noticed I would get discouraged when I had a workout routine. Now I just do whatever I feel like is best for me/what I am in the mood for. I also discovered that watching food related videos made me think a lot about food and crave foods when I am not hungry so that’s something I would try to avoid.

    I personally don’t like doing cardio but I did it for 2 weeks (30-70 minutes a day + one rest day each week) and lost body fat percentage. It was extremely hard to get through each workout since like I mentioned I am not the biggest fan of it. Though, I definitely recommend doing it even for 10 minutes a day. It really helped me a ton! I understand that cardio is frustrating so just keep in mind that you are doing it for results and for a short period of time. That’s what helped me get through it. My final thoughts are, losing weight IS hard but not impossible. Doing exercises you enjoy is definitely better than hating to workout because you “have” to do HIIT or cardio. (Pilates and Yoga are my favorite for lazy days!) Finally, as much as we all hate to hear it, it all depends on our genetics. Everyone’s body is different so don’t stress when something doesn’t work for you. Try different methods until you find the one.

    I won’t be checking this anymore.

    I wish the best of luck to everyone! Goodbye.

  7. Been doing this for a week now and I can really see the difference. What I do is, I run for 20mins and do this workout everyday. I don’t eat fatty food and most especially, rice. I take vitamins too.

    Remember, consistency is key. We got this!

  8. been doing this for 3 days straight and i can def see changes in my stomach. i am wanting to turn my life around and stop having to constantly think about my weight when doing anything. i am only doing this once a day but im hoping to do ur full body 30 minute workout soon! ❤

    1. Same and I’m so excited to try this, I don’t hate my weight well I do but not in a way that I hate myself because whenever I say I want to lose weight all videos are like love ur self, I understand why, I just want to fit my own description of healthy and perfect so I’m ready to try! 😊

  9. Been at it with this workout, along with a hour of fast walking and some weight lifting everyday for about a month now and Definitely noticing some change. Clothes fitting way more lose, feeling more tighter in my abs, and feeling less bulky. I hope to continue losing weight. Thank you very much for your workouts. Definitely my favorite channel for working out. 💪❤

    1. Glad to help, celestial light! So happy you’re seeing results with these workouts. Now you understand that fitness is a way of life really – because it motivates you and makes you feel happier, stronger and more energetic. Wishing you the best of luck and please don’t stop, keep going everyday! 💪

  10. day 1- easy and done
    day 2- finished but took more breaks and it was more challenging
    day 3- starting to get it
    day 4- feeling good but still hard
    day 5- starting to finally be consistent with the leg drops!
    day 6- starting to be flatter and feel better
    day 7- slight results!!! excited to keep going knee tuck crunch is still pretty hard
    day 8- done
    day 9- done

    1. @Syed Zaidi if you do it twice a day every day for a month, you will defidently see results! if you do it for longer you will get more fit tho

    2. @Yanela Mendoza Yes ofc, but it will take longer to see results. For example, if you do it twice a day for a month and get results, it will take you twice as long as you do it once a day, therefore 2 months. Hope that helps!

  11. This is my 5th day doing this workout. I’ve actually noticed a little change. I’m going to keep doing this for a long time. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Summer Davis! Thank you for sharing your experience. So happy to know that you are seeing results in this workout. Keep exercising to see more results and maintain your weight loss achievement. Good luck and Happy workout!💪

  12. as a 17 year old male who’s been very insecure about his body and finally wanting to do something about it this workout is already having my stomach knotted on the first day!!! hopefully i can stick to this super easy workout and do it 2 times a day!

    1. Let’s go, Karriem! You got this! Great job on completing your day one! Just continue what you have started and I am sure that you will achieve your fitness goal. Just stay focused and disciplined. Have fun exercising and I’ll see you here again tomorrow. Good luck!💪

    2. @thatscrazybro I’ve seen results in this workout I’ve notice that i have gotten slimmer and lost belly fat even my family members pointed it out this workout definitely works !!

  13. This workout actually works! You can feel your whole body burning and all exercises are easy for beginners. I have been doing this exercise from past 8 days and i have noticed some slight changes… Will continue to do this until my university re-opens.

    Consistency is the key guys!!!

    1. @meeranOP I did it for like 15-20 days (since I wasn’t at home ) along with walking 7k steps everyday. My weight dropped from 60 kgs to 57kgs

    2. @Emmaa I’m not doing proper diet. I just eat home cooked food and try to avoid sugar and processed foods (I have pcod)+ i eat dinner before 8.

  14. I’ve been doing this for 6 days now and my stomach is actually getting flatter. If you’re sitting there just watching the video and considering on doing this then I highly recommend 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    1. Actually i didn’t want to write anything here because i’m a bit ashamed for personal reasons, such as i don’t believe in this YouTube crap

      but on the other hand after watching this channel i’m motivated enough to give it a try, also i like the animations 👍

      Let’s start with day 1: 177cm tall, 85kg weight, dissatisfied with too much belly & thigh fat in my opinion

      I realize that i will only get results if i do it regularly for months

      we’ll see each other again 💪💋

    2. At first day my stomach is too much hurt at 3day I’m ok. I’m doing ths for 1week and my stomach is actually getting flatter.I recommend this

  15. ive been doing this for two days and i can definitely see a change in my belly!ive been wanting to change my belly for months and this workout totally helped me!thank you so much❤ive been wanting to stick to this workout for two months,atleast until school <3 again thank you:)

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