7 Things That CHANGED My Life…(yours will too)

7 Things That CHANGED My Life…(yours will too) Click here to try CBD & use code ‘sheawhitney’ for 15% off your first order: https://bit.ly/2RKBhnX Plus, first 100 customers receive a free mini mineral soak with $60 purchase when they use my code!

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CBD really has changed my life and so many of my family & friends! It helps with pain & inflammation, PMS, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep…the list goes on!!! Figuring out the best dose & then sticking to your routine is KEY! I hope this helps many people out there!!!

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30 Comments on “7 Things That CHANGED My Life…(yours will too)”

  1. This video is so helpful Shea! 💗I am going to try CBD, I hope it helps with my sleep, stress and during girly time. Your tips are so good, love the checking bank account idea and I really need to learn to say no, I think that is a part of my stress. 😔

  2. Cbd greatly helps my anxiety/ptsd. I appreciate you being open and educational about it! Thank you for using your platform to help others!!

    1. I really want to try this (CBD) but I am worried it will have an effect. Do you feel any changes physically or mentally after you take it? I’m in recovery from addiction and have always strayed away because I know it doesn’t get you “high” but don’t want something that gives off any kind of noticeable effect after taking it but am always like ahh this could def help me so much! Thanks for any info!!

  3. You always hear about using cash to add a psychological element to your finances, but, EW, right? Checking your account online seems like the germ free equivalent! 👌🏼💕

  4. I’m an RN and most of my fellow health care professionals use and highly reccomend CBD’s for life. Thank you for sharing the information Shea !! 💚

  5. Omg i check my bank account daily too lol I thought it was my OCD lol..
    I started that in the year 2000 when i got divorced and has stayed with me ever since!

  6. Just ordered some CBD with your discount code. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I been looking for a good CBD and I am glad I came across this one. Love all your videos and you always make me laugh and smile. Thanks for being an amazing creator and human. Stay beautiful girl ♥️

  7. You have such a positive outlook on life and seem to really want to help people with simple tips and tricks to make life easier. Thank you for your awesome energy 😊

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