7 Quick & Healthy Drinks You Should Master ( My Favourites)

Quick & Easy Health drinks you must know for weight loss, glowing skin, digestion related problems, muscle building, hair fall issues and other chronic problems of liver, kidney and heart.

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There are times when we feel like drinking something. Isn’t it? Here I present to you the most versatile health drinks which are not only tasty but also offer numerous health benefits.

0:53 – #7 Health Drink – This is a quick and healthy breakfast option. Gluten free, rich in fibre, protein and easy to prepare this is filling and delicious.
01:51 – #6 Health Drink – This is a very common drink used in Indian homes. However, I present to you the authentic Ayurvedic recipe for it.
03:02 – #5 Health Drink – This health drink is a must have for people with weak digestion.
04:02 – #4 Health Drink – Are you looking for a tasty and refreshing drink that also promotes weight loss? Try this. It is one of my all time favourites.
05:08 – #3 Health Drink – Energy drinks are in fashion. However, most of them are loaded with Caffeine and chemicals which may have some side effects. Try mother nature's own sports drink.
05:47 – #2 Health Drink – This is personally my favourite drink. I do not miss out on it whenever I get a chance to have it. It is also among the healthiest drinks in the world.
06:51 – Honourable Mention – This video couldn't have been completed before talking about this drink.
07:10 – Winters are round the corner and it is the best time to have this drink. It is a powerful natural supplement for one and all.

08:04 – What is my post workout drink? Find out.

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I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber

44 Comments on “7 Quick & Healthy Drinks You Should Master ( My Favourites)”

  1. Hello Vivek.. these healthy drinks easily available and very easy to make as well, So simply explained.. I usually drinks most of the mentioned drinks but in that daily I drink tender coconut..
    This is video is very useful, keep coming up with healthy tips.. yeah I subscribed your channel and had given the big fat thumbs-up. All the very best 😊

  2. Dear Vivek, On the onset accept my kudos for the informative fitness videos presented in a perfect way. In these winter time we all urge to drink something hot. My personal favorite is the Rs 10 instant soup from knor, the tomato chatpata. Plz post a video about the healthy options available during winters which are easy to make( Kindly don’t include hot drinks :-). I prefer to stay away from tea, coffee and packed instant soup I know is not so healthy.

  3. I always find something unique in your videos. It is great that you promote and support Indian food and drinks apart from fancy food and drink. I’ll definitely share the video.
    Keep spreading the good Thanks!

  4. Concerning the lemon water, there is also the fact that limes as you have in India are more alkaline, while lemons we have in Europe are some type of hybrids for most of them and contain more acidity and this don’t offer the same benefits and might be to acid for certain people.

  5. To sum it up

    1) Ragi Malt
    2) Turmeric Milk
    3) Lemon Honey Water
    4) Butter Milk
    5) Sugarcane Juice
    6) Tender Coconut Water
    7) Whey Protein Drink
    8) Carrot Milk

    Thanks for sharing these lovely recipes…

    1. Please don’t make summary of these kinds of videos. Because there will be people who looks at video and skips video and some as they skipped they don’t know the speciality of this channel. Sorry if I hurted you.

    2. @karthik kamal

      Actually… most people find these lists super useful as we don’t have to take a photo or take notes WHILE WE WATCH THE VIDEO IN ITS ENTIRETY.

      I have also found that YouTubers making the videos also appreciate their viewers making lists to share with others. I for one, watch the how-to videos (with the list) a few times so I completely understand how to make them properly!

    3. @karthik kamal You can’t hurt me. There are a lot of people who find these kind of summaries very useful. So I will continue to make summaries & no one can stop me from doing it.

  6. Ragi Malt is very common in Bangalore too. I was surprised that it is not so well known. Ragi Malt with badam and pista for me is the best protein shake after a workout. Ragi malt with milk is best in winter and ragi malt with buttermilk is better in summer for body. Actually ragi malt is not necessarily Ragi flour but it can be powdered sprouted and dried ragi (finger millet).As it is sprouted, it has more nutrion. Most people in South India especially elderly with diabetes problems have ragi every day.

  7. Fit tuber has really really inspired me so much to get a helithier approach to life . Like srsly. I used to treaty body like a dustbin. Putting anything in it without thinking . But now i am having a the recipies what he says in his videos . And enjoying the rush of amazing happiness and fulfillment. Thank you fit tuber for this !!!! You re really amazing

  8. Really interesting to learn what’s popular in India! I love Golden Milk! Usually don’t have the patience to make it myself, so I buy the spice blend from Gaia Herbs.

  9. Honey water,turmeric milk,butter milk and coconut water drinks which i have been regular with for many years and already incorporated into my healthcare routine happy to see they are recommended!!

  10. 👍 I live in USA, the part where I have limited options. I will definitely try ‘carrot milk’ more often. Thanks Vivek!! I love these videos.

    1. Just use coconut mil, almond milk and peanut milk on a daily basis.
      There is a YouTube channel called Satvik movement specifically on this subject.

  11. Hi Fittuber…. Excellent video as usual but you missed Sattu drink! 😃 It’s best natural source of protein and iron ( also for Gym people instead of whey protein available in the market they can go for Sattu drink)

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