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Bronzer (golden): https://bit.ly/3uXGc5v

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28 Comments on “7 Items GUARANTEED To Make You MORE ATTRACTIVE!”

    1. I’ll be honest. At the end of the day small chests are the most convenient thing on the planet. Can wear almost anything without feeling conscious of people talking to your boobs. Push them up when u need to with pushup bras and when u don’t, don’t even wear a bra. The possibilities are endless 🥰

  1. … When your hair is falling out you might want to have your Iron levels checked.
    Every time I am deficient in it this happens and after months on Iron supplement my hair goes back to normal.
    I like the idea of taming the baby hairs. 👍🏻

    Years ago I remember I got a gold shimmering body cream and I wish I remembered where it was from as I have never seen anything that good and smelling so nice.

    All women love good shape wear which is also comfortable to wear (the one without fish bones) and this one looks good.

    Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks.

  2. Shea, I wonder if you might know…..I’m a 3 time triple negative breast cancer survivor and have had a total of 33 chemotherapy treatments over the 3 battles. When my hair came back the last time it came back super thin and very very sparse. I understand you’re not a dr or scientist but do you think this might work for someone like me?

    1. Just came here to say— I am amazed by you! What a warrior/survivor you are. I’m so very sorry you’ve had to go through that battle (and so many times!). No one needs to go through something like that to become a better human, and it’s unfair. I have a sister that had triple negative breast cancer at 32 years old. Thank you for sharing. I will ask her if she used any serums for her hair growth (I know some friends sent her a lash growth serum to try, so I’ll see how her results were).
      Bless you!!!

    2. @Kate Hughes oh thank you so much. I was 44 when I was first diagnosed back on Dec 23rd 2014. I’m just happy to be alive for my boys. Although they are adults now my youngest who is 23 is autistic and not ready for a world without his mom yet. Any help, tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. I pray your sister is doing well now and that she stays well.

  3. Love these! I think you were the first person I heard talk about Vegamour, and several months later I finally decided to try it out! I’m in month one, so no results yet, but my scalp had been dry and itchy and it already feels better.

    Also I’ve been doing the lotion/bronzer/highlighter thing for going out for a couple years, and it’s my favorite hack! Really does work well and makes me glow.
    Great tips today!!

  4. Hi Shea, I love all your videos because you are different. Your contents always have a focus on the human being and not just on hair or fashion or anything else. Your heart is open and for this reason it immediately reaches people’s hearts. I write from Italy and I used Google Translate

  5. Hi Shea, thank you so much for recommendations. I lost my son, in January, and since then, my hair is falling out. I noticed the advanced line, would you recommend the original over the advanced?

  6. 🙋‍♀️A dupe for the “hair mascara” wand is purchasing a toothbrush and some light hair paste. Dip the toothbrush lightly into the hair paste or gel and “Abracadabra” you’ve slicked those pesky hairs down. 👍

  7. I have the shape wear… thing… it’s AWESOME!! I have to admit… I’ve only used it to go #1 on the toilet…
    For the other, sadly, I have to take everything off. 😅 but… I plan ahead & I always feel super confident when I wear it. 👍🏽

  8. I’d love to try the hair serum! I just can’t afford it. I do love these videos! She does an amazing job, and stays so upbeat and excited! Makes me happy and glued to her 😊

  9. Shea, I purchased Vegamour on your recommendation, and now have a subscription. The bottle I have is not the same color as yours (yours is pink, mine is opaque ivory with gold lettering). For me, the Vegamour has not, to this point, produced hair growth. I am much older than you, very post menopause. But, I will say it has slowed down the “hair shower” to some extent. And I disagree that the serum isn’t greasy or oily. I’m not sure what I would call what it does to hair at the sites of application, but it is noticeable, even after the serum dries. Brushing the hair doesn’t help, either. I’m several months into using the product, so perhaps this is the best I can hope for. Time will tell, I guess.

  10. Hi Shea, I love the idea of putting lotion on your body and then adding the bronzer, I think I will try that, thanks for some great recommendations..🎄🎄

  11. Hi Shea, love your videos! Please feature some Etsy shops or small businesses in your videos, would love to see more fashion YouTubers feature them to give them more exposure!

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