This LOSE BELLY FAT IN 7 DAYS Challenge is the perfect workout for you to burn unwanted belly fat in just 7 days.

As your qualified online trainer Lucy I am here to get you the best results. Within this workout video, I explain that in order to reduce stubborn belly fat we have to focus on our nutrition, portion sizes, cardio and multi-compound bodyweight moves. Within this 7 Minute workout, we have 7 moves that are the full body which means they work lots of muscles all at once and this is how we help to reduce excess body fat as this will naturally increase your metabolism.

00:01 Introduction to 7-Minute Lose Belly Fat Workout
00:41 Belly Fat Exercise 1 Standing Ab Kicks
01:52 Belly Fat Exercise 2 Cardio Pendulum Swings
03:01 Belly Fat Exercise 3 Standing to Floor Walkouts
04:21 Belly Fat Exercise 4 Skaters Lunge with Waist Reaches
05:28 Belly Fat Exercise 5 Standing Ab Runs
06:45 Belly Fat Exercise 6 Waist Bends
07:58 Belly Fat Exercise 7 Lying Oblique Crunches
09:21 Cool Down Stretch

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  1. OMG this video is nearly at 10 Million, and for me as a trainer with over 25 years experience I do know what works and I have always showed people that shorter workouts that use multiple muscles groups get the best results. And this is why this workout works. As a trainer I have always been passionate about getting people fit for free and this is why I am so excited to see I am now helping so many people worldwide. Lucy (your online trainer) xx

    1. Lucy Wyndham-Read I came across your video today and I have ordered myself a yoga mat and subscribed to your channel. Iam so excited to try this workout. Thank you for helping so many people. Love from England xx

    1. @uhhhlilygrace yes I did. 2 days before I started using a plate chart. It’s not really about restricting but balance.also I did eat some Oreos and chips here and there lol. But it’s okay as long as I get back on track the next day. I know this works because I’ve lost 5 lbs.I wish you the best on your journey

    2. Thats amazing <3 I just wanted to ask if you've been doing the workouts in the morning or afternoon. I'm just asking because I want to have the best results I can get out of these workouts.

    3. @Desteny Cabrera its best if you do them in the morning after getting up (before breakfast). If that’s not possible for you, make sure you do the workout atleast 2 hours after a meal.

  2. I’m on day 6! I literally see so much improvement in not only my waist area, but in my thighs and arms! I use to not fit well in my bras, now my bras fit PERFECTLY! I didn’t diet, but I have been watching what I’m eating, cutting off the unhealthy snacks and drinking a lot of water! I’m the queen of procrastinating. If I can do it, you can do it too!

  3. 7 days and I’ve lost half an inch off my waist, and I’m chuffed with that and will keep on with my workouts. I’ve caught the exercise bug again, after a long period of inactivity. But even better than that, I’ve seen and felt my fitness increase significantly. I feel better in myself. Thanks Lucy xxx

  4. I have been doing this for about 10 days now and it really is amazing. Even though I can’t see much change yet, (I’m 13 btw) I feel so much stronger physically and mentally. Love it ❤

  5. I didn’t think this would do anything but I was sweating, short of breath and heart pumping half way through. Can’t wait to see where this takes me! 🎉

  6. I had done this exercise for 7 days and saw a difference, I have since continued to do this workout when I can and I’ve seen massive changes with myself that I didn’t think were even possible, I’ve also realised a massive confidence boost so thank you 💞

    1. have you lost weight my figure is fine but that’s just because I’m tall so the fat kind of spreads out lmao anyways like did you lose muffin top if you had it

    2. @Beatrice WilliamsYes i had found out that I had lost quite a lot around the bottom half of my stomach but it’s also enhanced my figure

  7. It really works, my waist was 33 inches wider but now after 8 days it is 32 inches.. if you keep doing these workouts so you’ll definitely get your ideal waist 💪🏻💕

  8. Just thought I would leave a good review. I tried this for a 4 weeks now and my stomach is now flat and waist is going in. So happy to see these results after just having a baby. Thank you and your technique is amazing ♥️

  9. I started this workout 2yrs ago and use it to lose weight to get in my wedding dress. This workout is EVERYTHING💯 If you’re consistent & keep up with it, you will Definitely see the results❤ I lost the weight I needed to lose and some. I was told to STOP bcuz I was losing too much. I started back doing this workout on 6/13/23 & my goal is to be btwn 170-175lbs by end of July😮 I’m 192lbs right now. If I keep up with this workout faithfully & eat right I know I will reach my goal by then🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Thank you Lucy Wyndham you’re everything to me when it come to getting in shape, you’re the BEST❤

  10. Im so excited. Today makes day 2 for me and I’m sweating just as hard as I did on day 1. I definitely underestimated this workout because it’s only 7 minutes but I have TOTAL FAITH that this will get me results. I will be back tomorrow! Good luck to everyone on their journey ♥️

    1. ​@Diane Princess Christine RochaI’ve did this before for 7 days I can say it actually works I saw a difference I just got distracted and stopped but now I’m back bc I really saw the difference and it made me feel good about myself!

  11. This comment is for those of you who are on day 2 3 or 4. Trust me this is where it starts to feel different but I’ve lost 2 pounds and 1 inch off of my waist off of just this workout. No diet or anything. Just keep going you got this!!

    1. I really hope this works for me because I’m not responsible for what I eat and my parents won’t prioritize healthier foods so I cant really eat right T_T

  12. I started this on Monday so today is day 5! I am seeing physical changes in my stomach for sure! and I lost around 2-3 pounds atm! I didn’t take measurements because I am doing this more so for weight loss than sizes! I am planning to do this workout, portion control, walking ( at work), and a few other workouts (including some of Lucy’s other vids) for the rest of my summer ( so 9 weeks for me ) and we will see how it goes! I’ll try to update each week!!

    Like to remind pls 🙂

    Week 1 : Hiiii!! So week one is done! tdy is Monday and I weighed myself this morning ( straight out of bed no eating or working out) And I saw I lost 4 pounds!! As I stated previously I do work at a place where I walk a lot so that helped but Lucy’s vids really helped so I’m gonna keep doing them!! Also, I did have Sunday as my rest day because I really just wanted to chill so if you guys need a rest day definitely take one!
    Week 2 : this week was so horrible , it has been a lot going on so I didn’t get to truly exercise fr so I will pick back up tmr and I’ll update yall on week three in a few days!
    Week 3 :
    Week 4 :
    Week 5 :
    Week 6 :
    Week 7 :
    Week 8 :
    Week 9 :

    1. @ily Thank you so much!! I’ve been doing it once per day , on day three the workout started getting easier so I went a found another short workout she had so now I do one of those along with this one once a day!

  13. it’s been 14 days and i’m so happy! i feel better, i have more stamina and i can clearly see that it’s working❤ i’ve been doing it everyday with 20 min legs exercises as well

  14. day 1: sweating, took my breath out in the end, seeing a little change, feel much better about myself, ima keep doing this and see how it goes, i will update you guys!
    day 2: much harder than the first, much sweatier than yesterday, feel better and much healthier.
    day 3: much harder, much sweatier, yet again feel much better, more breaks. see you guys tmr

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