7 *BEST* Luxury Investments WORTH THE MONEY!

7 BEST Luxury Investments WORTH THE MONEY! For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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50 Comments on “7 *BEST* Luxury Investments WORTH THE MONEY!”

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I love it when people say the prices of their purchases, unfortunately not everyone does.
    Great video! 🤍

  2. It’s worth whatever you perceive. If you love it, it doesn’t matter how much market value is because you won’t sell it anyways. I love love everything you showed🥰

  3. Long time follower of your channel! I just love how transparent you are with the pricing! I come for your video ideas but stay for your personality! Thanks for doing what you do! ❤️

  4. This video is amazing! What a great way to invest in something that gets you a great return and is fun to wear or just admire on a display.

  5. I love this video! For the bags/watches, especially, to me it sounds like these are more investments for your closet (which is great if you love these items and intend to wear them a lot). I wouldn’t really consider these financial investments because it sounds like you don’t intend to sell these. My view is if you don’t actually sell these items, you never make your money back – it’s just an unrealized gain 🙂 I also want to caveat that to sell the asset you own, there needs to be a market for it where you can sell easily – this is especially true for land and cars which can be generally illiquid assets (I.e. can take a while if you actually choose to sell). I know Shea is not a financial advisor so please always do your own diligence into purchasing the right investment for YOU!

  6. What a fantastic video Shea! Even for those of us who aren’t in a position to purchase, it’s super interesting to find out that things like handbags and watches really can give an excellent return on investment. One question I do have for you though: Do you actually use the things like handbags and watches? Or do they stay tucked away safely protected?

  7. Diamonds are not rare, they are actually the most common gemstone, the only reason they became so popular and exponentially increased in price is because the best marketing spot to date. Regardless, I am such a good sheep that the more diamonds I have the better I feel 😂

  8. I love all of your videos, Shea, but especially these type of videos! You and Josh are so savvy with your money, and you get to enjoy life and your possessions in the process. I would LOVE for you to make a Rolex collection video, and any other type of investment/financial vids!! xo, Whitney

  9. I Love this video but have a suggestion. Most of these items are going to extend beyond what the average person can purchase. It would be nice to see more items that are attainable for most.

    1. Her channel started as luxury so she will do these from time to time for her old subscribers. I’ve been watching her since 2016. She also has many Amazon/Walmart/budget friendly videos that she does on a regular basis.

  10. The challenge is, you only make the money back if you SELL the item. Otherwise you have tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars worth of items around your house! 😅
    Finding the “right” time to sell the things is when the fun starts!

    1. For sure!! The only thing I plan on passing down is the diamond…everything else can go later in the future! No need to go to the grave with any of these items😂

  11. I live in an apartment, drive a 16-year old car, don’t own anything designer, nor do I own any expensive handbags or jewelry and I’m still very happy and feel very blessed.

    1. @Shea Whitney you buy a LOT and spend a LOat of money on materialistic things, for someone who doesn’t count it in their top 3. In fact I’d go as far as to say as much as I like your channel, you do come across as one of the most if not THEE most materialistic. All you do
      Is buy things and tell us to buy crappy things so that you get your sponsorships. You guys own a plane ffs. Not saying for a second that doesn’t mean you don’t love your family. I can imagine you’re an amazing mother. I really do believe that. And your kids probably want for nothing, and are extremely loved. But don’t make out material things mean nothing when you live the life and own the things you do. You still seem to shop as much as you always did. Just own it that “things” and especially “expensive and luxury things” ARE important too you. More important than they are to most people.*

      *you barely post a video anymore unless it’s “in collaboration” with a company and you’re getting paid for it. I understand you need to make money. But almost every video?? Don’t say you don’t care about these things when you come across more
      greedy over money than a lot of other channels*

    2. I used to feel the same way . I still do becasue I can afford luxury products and its great and I still feel very happy and blessed. I regret not buying my Rolex sub when it was only 6K becasue now they are 14K new and 20K resale.

    3. @Ashleigh Mackenzie you can buy a ton of luxury cause you *like* it and it not be necessarily important to you. I have a solid luxury collection but would never say the stuff is important to me. If it came down to the handful of things I would try to save in a fire NONE of that stuff would be on my list.

  12. Preach girl! I work at a resale luxury watch store, and we carry preowned watches, and the amounts of times I have to explain this to people a day is ridiculous!!!

  13. Great video Shea! ❤️ Investor in classic cars and property here and finally starting up my luxury purses and accessories collection, and yes taking me time as I am saving up for them 😁..I agree with all your choices, and loved the lilysilk striped dress with the belt for work. ❤️ Oh and the vintage Chanel’s so pretty! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Shea, your channel is becoming more of what you have and how much it’s worth. You should come up with small and best ideas that will help people in daily life.

    1. Thank you Jessica!! This channel was all about luxury when I first started!! I just stay true to myself, make videos about what I like (affordable AND occasional luxury) and people can choose to watch or not❤️

  15. I really don’t care about all of the materialistic things that you have and whether or not it’s for investment purposes and not just for show but I have to say that the best thing I ever heard you say in the short amount of time that Ive been watching your videos is that your husband worships you. That was the best statement ever hands down.

  16. I really think the quality has decreased over the years, but about 15 years ago I received several Tiffany silver items, including some Elsa Peretti pieces. I have to say I’ve worn them almost every day since getting them. They were definitely worth the investment. They just keep getting more comfortable the more I wear them, they look as good as they did when I bought them, and the best part is you get Tiffany customer service for life.

  17. Awesome video Shea! You worked hard for everything you have so don’t apologize! I love your honesty vs bloggers acting like they wear Walmart clothes while getting kick backs when they wouldn’t wear those clothes in a million years!

  18. Thank you for this video Shea. I feel that this is worthwhile for those of us who may be considering these types of purchases and don’t know what to look for. No one really tells you anything about these things because of the risk of criticism but I appreciate the information.

  19. I’m so thankful you post these videos it truly inspires me to be able to afford to make investments like this!! These are perfect pieces to pass down ♥️

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